Monday, March 22, 2010

Botanical Quiz

When we moved to TMF at the end of November....well, pretty much everything was dead. The grass, the garden, Matt's biceps from moving big boxes while I just pointed out the general direction they should be heading....and then we got snow.

Lots of snow.

I didn't see our grass for many months.

With the warmer temperatures finally showing up, I saw that we did, in fact, own some grass.

Lots of it.

And along with the grass, comes a lot of plants that the prior owners left behind. They had plants and flowers (and some nefarious bushes that look really weird where they're placed in our front yard), and also a vegetable garden, which I am delighted to get started on. I don't know what the heck I'm doing, but I'm excited to get started on it anyway.

I'm hoping my loyal, lovely blog readers can help me out with some plant identification! Here's what I'd like to know:
1. Is it a weed?
2. What IS it if it's not a weed?
3. Can I eat it or will I keel over? (This is more for the veggie garden post which will come next...I don't expect to be able to eat the plants in this post.)

Without further ado...

Look at these little cute things. I think they're day lilies, or daffodils, or something nice and springy like that. Obviously they're loving the fact that I sing wandering around the property, as they're cropping up amidst all that dead stuff down there. Do I get rid of that dead stuff? Old leaves and whatever plant it was last year?

Here's some more. I don't know how they got over there, they're hanging out with our Afro Bush.

See? Afro Bush. If you look just to the right of the trunk of the bush, there they are! I think this is a burning bush. All I know is it looks really cool after a fresh snowfall or ice storm. There's a random bush to the left of it that I am dying to pull out. It's totally random. I already said that.

Then we have this little box garden off the side of the house, with these happy little green viney guys. But what are they?
Here's a closeup of the leaves. Do they DO anything? Make flowers? Strawberries? Cosmopolitans?

Now, that would be pretty awesome, wouldn't it. A Martini Tree. A Martreeni!

We interrupt all the plant espionage to display our nice little dog pen area, for boarders or lesson students who want to bring their pups along for a nice afternoon in the country. The veggie garden is to the left of this. I hear a very special dog, Brody the Wonder Dog who belongs to the faboo Cynthia, will be gracing us with his presence.

Ok, back to the plants in question. This is in the front yard, and there's a matching plant conundrum on the other side of the front porch steps. I suspect those on the right are more day lilies, but what on Earth is on the left? And do I pluck off all those dead day lily leaves, if that is in fact, what they are?

Last but not least....there is a very random large, wooden half barrel/ bucket in our yard. Clearly it's for pretty flowers. There are a few of these semi-green clusters in the barrel. It looks official, but I do know weeds are quite good at shape-shifting and looking like they belong there, when they really don't. Impostors. Harumph.

Stay tuned to find out if I have a green thumb. If I don' mom does.


Cynthia D said...

Brody the Wonder Dog says "I want to come visit KC and Matt!!"

Cynthia D said...

I think that the first green things are some type flowering bulb. The green stuff with the small leaves looks like a variety of ivy. And the round bumps in the barrel? It's the rare plant...Marga-Ritas..come summer it will spout a blender and your gal-pals will never leave!

Yes, cut away the brown stuff, and buy some Miracle Grown and give everybody (the green stuff, not Matt)a little drink.

JayZ said...

The first green things look like leaves from some type of bulb. Leave them alone and see what comes up...but get rid of the dead leaves and clear out those dead looking twigs (not sure if they're attached to the tree/bush?). Get some miracle grow or other fertilizer and sprinkle it on there and give it a little water. I'm guessing you don't have sprinklers everywhere :-)

The second set of green leaves looks like some kind of ground cover...leave it. You will have a very nice area of green soon enough.

And now the plant box...take off all the dead leaves on the plant and clear out the other leaves. Then throw some planting soil down and mix it in the soil already there. Then plant away! And I would clear out the barrel completely (that plant doesn't look very good) and plant some pretty flowers to give a pop of color. Go to your local nursery and they'll tell you what grows best in your area, just let them know if it's mostly in sun or shade.

Planting pretty flowers is the best part about owning a house! It's great to see things grow and have all your hard work pay off! And I'm envious you have room for a veggie garden...I wish I did!

lizzieblue said...

definitely get those dead parts out of there. If any of them are still semi alive, they'll suck the life out of the rest of the plant.

My guesses:
1: daffodils?
2: Tulips?
green stuff: less common type of pachysandra?
box: maybe Tiger lilies (though awful bush-like for lillies) and some kind of bush? (tough to see)
barrel: no idea

if those are in fact lillies in the box, might want to dig up and spread the bulbs out a bit, cheap way of getting more flower coverage!

Catherine said...

Martreenis! Guffaw!

I'm glad your other friends have some good plant advice...I have a yard guy who magically takes care of weeds, etc. I never see him. He's like Santa Claus. I can't keep plants alive in the house. And apparently, I'm iffy with cats now too.

One thing is for sure, your land has mega-potential and is going to be gorgeous with color!

KC said...

Thanks all! I spent some time today weeding out the flower gardens, just getting the old dead stuff out and clearing away the leaves. And some of the old leaves had paint on them! As in, paint from the house! So who knows how long it's been since that's been done.

Stay tuned to find out when and if these buggers flower!

Amanda said...

KC, the first photo is Iris which grows from a bulb. It will flower soon. You can remove the dead stuff. After it flowers leave the foliage until it dies naturally. The viney stuff in your box garden is periwinkle or vinca. It will get purple flowers on it soon. It's a great ground cover. The bottom photo does look like a daylily, you can remove the dead stuff. And I can't tell what Afro bush is.

Arliss said...

I agree with Amanda -- yep, the top pics are of irises, which has wonderful blooms in spring or summer (depending on the variety), and the green viney stuff is periwinkle or vinca, which we have a lot of in our front yard and is very good ground cover indeed.

My vote for the plants in the big barrel is a non-daylily type of lily (maybe tiger lily?). Give it a good chance before deciding to pull it out -- that's exactly how some of mine look when coming back to life. It might be something really pretty.