Sunday, March 21, 2010


I spent some time yesterday blogging about how much fun I had horse shopping, giving lessons to my gal pals Kim, Aislinn and Cynthia, and I said I'd blog about my ride on Zeus today.

I have to admit: I was nervous. Not to ride Zeus, but because this was the first time anyone had seen Zeus under saddle, other than Matt. He's still very volatile and unpredictable, but I'd spent the past few weeks just getting him to trust me, and vice versa.

Yesterday (and today, as a matter of fact), Zeus turned on the charm, and absolutely blew me away. He was quiet, fairly focused (for a 4 year old), and it seemed we'd turned a corner on the trust factor. Even last week, if I'd had a loose rein, he'd bolt. Yesterday, I was able to walk him on a loose rein, as if we didn't have a care in the world.

Racehorses in particular are under stress when under saddle - they think they have to race every time, and unlearning that takes time, patience, and that word I keep throwing around - trust. Many times, the horses have a different jockey for every race - and every rider is different.
I love this photo. He's soft, coming down to the bit, and relaxing through his topline. That's taken weeks to accomplish, and the progress shows. I'm so proud of him. I am actually patting him and telling him how good he is...that's why I'm leaning forward a bit (thank you to Matt for telling me what I was doing when that pic was taken!).

But even in the quiet moments, Zeus has come so far.
Getting him to stand like that, on a loose rein, relaxed and alert...that's huge.

What a star my boy is. We are starting to become a team. I'm so crazy about him. He truly embodies the show name I gave him.....



Catherine said...

KC, you're a star. You get the best out of Zeus because you are so special! Love the pictures, and I continue to really enjoy your blog.

KC said...

Cat, thank you! I'm so glad you're enjoying the blog as much as I am writing it. :)