Monday, March 15, 2010

Bucket Ball

The horses are bored.

After the Rain/ Windfest of 2010, our field was a bit too wet to put the horses out. We built a temporary paddock which we call the Mud Paddock. It's a smaller outdoor space so the horses can still get turnout, even in inclement weather. It protects them and our pasture which, if we take care of it, will give them much delicious grass all through this season until next winter.

So, out they go into the mud paddock. Those ropes you see will become permanent fencing once the ground thaws enough to get real fenceposts in, but for now, the ropes are doing the trick. Topaz is a Houdini Horse though, so it's only a matter of time before she figures out an escape route to the grass. The paddock is filled with soft wood shavings and hay, so no matter what - ice, snow, mud, etc - they have good footing and traction.

Zeus, meanwhile, has decided to entertain himself. I really need to get him a basketball or a Jolly Ball (an actual horse toy) for amusement.

Isn't he cute? Topaz just gives him a pleading look, as if she's saying, "Are you really playing with a bucket? Really? So many other useful things you can be doing with your time. Like me, looking pretty. It's a lot of work, you know."

Don't worry Zeus. You get to go out into the field tomorrow.

*Note*: For those of you who get my blogs in email, you have to click on the actual blog link in order to see the videos. Just a heads up!


Catherine said...

Love the "bucket play." Also, look at the impressive blog library you've already got! I'm impressed anyway. :-) You're a really fine writer, KC. I love reading your posts.

Aislinn said...

I love Zeus! He needs a few toys, but he's making do with the bucket.

Topaz is so above all that immaturity. She's just rolling her eyes, thinking - will this guy ever get it?

I love your posts too, KC. You tell such great stories. I feel like I'm right there with you. Wait, I will be!

KC said...

Cat and Aislinn, thanks! And you'll both be here...eventually!

With the weather predicted this week, grass will take their minds off being bored for sure. I can't believe how quickly it's growing already! We need a lawn mower. Stat!

Cynthia D said...

Zeus is so cute. I watched the video and kept thinking about what you said about Matt and his impression of the Cosby skit, but about Zeus,he was a 5 yr old, but now he's a 4 yr old. It cracks me up.

Your blog looks great!! I can't wait to see everything in person.

Heart You!!