Wednesday, March 17, 2010

EZ on the Eyes

I would like you to meet EZ Dollar.

EZ is a horse I was looking at for a client, who is interested in a fun but safe project - a horse to enjoy. EZ is also a Thoroughbred like Zeus and Siggy, and he also lives at Akindale Farm, which I touched on in my last post about Siggy.
Isn't he cute?
He has some nicks from playing rough out in the field, or being a pushover...and a few areas where there isn't much fur from a blanket rubbing on him...but he sure is cute.

And such a good boy, too! The first thing he did when I walked up to him was snuffle my face. Yes, snuffle. As in, Snuffalufagus, or however you spell it. He was checking to see if I had nice breath. Which, I did. I made sure not to have coffee breath around the horses.

I love how Melissa was able to just pilot him around on a loose rein...that's a true mark of trust, and a horse that won't take advantage of its rider. Or more importantly...take off.

He will indeed make a lovely horse for someone who wants a bundle of cute, snuggly, easy to care for love. Perhaps, he'll end up at TMF.

We'll find out tomorrow - my client is coming with me to meet him! Wish us luck. It may be a match made in Heaven.

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Catherine said...

Definitely a "bundle of cute"!