Sunday, March 14, 2010

Generate Good Times, Come On!

Cue the cheesy 80's Music!

We were jammin' just like that just a few hours ago. Matt was jammin' just like that lead singer guy. I guess that's Kool? Minus the Gang? I even donned the white disco shoes to play my part and did that funky kick thing. I was holding a pitchfork instead of a saxophone.

Don't feel you have to watch the entire video, it's just so everyone "gets" my post title, tee hee.

Seriously, we are delighted we have the ability to listen to ANY music right about now. If you live in the Northeast, you know what I'm talking about. Windswept rain, and more wind on top of that. All day, and all night. Fun!

We went out at about 7:30 last night to get groceries and pick up a pizza. Yawn. Yes, we have a roaring social life up here, don't we? We look a little sheepish as a young, hip couple pushing a grocery cart on a Saturday night. We give off the impression that we're going out *after,* because you know in NYC, you don't leave your house for a club until at least 11:30 PM.


We returned amidst down trees, power lines, and closed roads. And our house was dark. So was everyone else's. So we made the best of by candlelight, reading magazine articles for each other's amusement, there was beer and hard cider in there somewhere...and eventually, calling the electric company to report the outage, just in case anyone else hadn't. I was told by the automated person that our power was estimated to be restored at 7 PM Sunday evening. It was 10 PM Saturday evening when I called.


So we set up House Camp, candles all over, and eventually, woke up in a chilly and still dark house. Goody! I used what little juice was left in my cell phone to see if there was an update on our power being restored, and was told by the same cheery autobot that it would be 8 PM Monday evening!

Egads indeed.

So I woke up Matt, told him the great news (he was really awake then) and off to Home Depot we went, with a stop at Dunkin' Donuts so I wouldn't whine about going coffeeless. We got ourselves a fancy schmancy generator! And all the bells and whistles you need with one. Oil for something, plugs for something else, bigger gage, gas, gas cans, and I tossed in some grass seed to our cart when Matt wasn't looking.

We got our lovely new toy home and Matt began to set it up while I went in search of white shoes in which to celebrate, erm, generate with.
There it is! Our savior! This photo was taken about 10 seconds before Matt (who was on my right) began throwing tools and swearing enough to make our driveway pavement blush.

It was so effusive that Topaz came over to the fence to have a look:

Zeus did too, but he didn't seem to be terribly bothered by it:
He must have gotten used to cussing at the track.

After some more colorful language and me plaintively cheering him on (and staying out of his way), we were up and running!
We had enough juice for all the important things...fridge, cell charger, blackberry charger, iPhone charger.....who needs heat when you have WiFi?

All's well that ends well. About an hour after our generator was humming away, our power came back on.

So we celebrated. So did our credit card company - that generator wasn't cheap!


Aislinn said...

Oooh, I love that new piece of equipment. I don't usually get excited by heavy equipment, but she's (he?) a dandy. I'll bet there's more power in her than my Corolla.

Celebrate good times, c'mon on!

Catherine said...

That's the way (uh hu, uh hu) I like it (uh hu, uh hu) wait, that's KC and the Sunshine Band. I always get them and Kool and Gang confused.