Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ladies Who Lunch n' Learn

Today is one of those days that really make me love what I do.

This morning, I met the lovely Julie and her husband Craig, who were interested in fostering/ adopting EZ Dollar, who I blogged about in my last post. They came to check out TMF, and I have a feeling we could have chatted all day, standing around in the field, while Craig went and made friends with Zeus (how can you not?). Julie is a lifelong horsewoman, with experience in hunter/ jumper and saddleseat. She's currently got a gorgeous show horse named Topper up for sale, and wants a fun youngster both she and Craig can enjoy.

After scoping out the farm, we all hopped in the car to see EZ. It was love at first sight, and I thought it would be! EZ was a gentleman and I think he'll really connect with Julie and Craig. So, I'm happy to report that in early April, EZ will be coming to stay here at TMF!

Of course, we visited the always personable Siggy, who will be coming on the trailer with EZ. April will be a busy month indeed!

Not long after we got home, three of my favorite people came. Aislinn, Kim, and Cynthia. Aislinn and Kim were both coming for a riding lesson, and Cynthia was the official photographer and is currently waiting with bated breath for Siggy's arrival, who I predict will be her newest love. Just a feeling I've got. Anyway.

Aislinn had never ridden before, and after some initial apprehension, relaxed and did beautifully!
Don't you think so? I think it's a little funny that I look very Italian in that photo. My hand gestures during a lesson must be interesting.
Topaz was a gem, and is such a good ambassador for beginning riders. She loved that Aislinn chatted with her the whole lesson.

I chatted a lot too. But that's what I get paid to do. That, and apparently make many hand gestures.

After Aislinn, Kim was the next rider up! Kim came all the way from Long Island, so that's some major dedication (not to mention faith in my teaching!). Kim had ridden regularly before, but it's been a few years. I did something very cruel to her and took away her stirrups towards the end of the lesson - and she had the best position then and had the best trot on Topaz! I think she was Lady Godiva in a past life. Really.
Look at that smile on Kim's face. That was before I took away her stirrups. She actually smiled after I did that, though. I promise.

Kim's one of those gals who is determined to do things the right way, and did a lovely job. You'd never know she hasn't ridden in years!

Once they had Jello legs and Topaz had been untacked, I hopped on Zeus so they could see him go. More on that tomorrow. But he was just a fistful of awesomeness!


Cynthia D said...

Yesterday was the most beautiful of days! 2 beautiful horses, 3 girl friends, and a hot, sweet guy, what more could you ask for?

Well, maybe a great setting, a few glasses of wine and some treats prepared by our hostess!

Anyone considering riding lessons for an adult or a child, look no further. KC is in her element when out with the horses.

She knows what she is doing, and does it in a kind and gentle way.

I would trust her with the youngest of children.

Catherine said...

I can't wait to get out to east coast for my lesson! KC's voice on the video clip is so soothing. I can tell she's a wonderful teacher!

KC said...

Cyn, you are too much. So glad you enjoyed your day here as much as we did having you!

Cat - I can't wait to give you a lesson! Although if I take *your* stirrups may never come back to the East Coast. Kidding. I'll be nice, I promise!