Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lovely trees, and a....wait. What's that?

Yesterday was just one of a series of perfect weather days here at TMF. Warm for March (upper 50's) and bright, rejuvenating sunshine. I hear it's not going to last (waaaaaaah!) and the rain cometh. Just in time for the weekend, when I have riding lessons scheduled, and would hey! Like to ride my horses myself!

This lovely photo of a tree nearby was taken by Matt:
Wow. Look at that color, the scope of the tree, the branches waiting to burst with buds, the....

Wait. There's something else up there.

Mojo is causing us never ending entertainment, grief, laughter and....more grief. Being partly an outdoor cat, he's more likely to get into trouble.

Well, yesterday he ventured over near a neighbor's yard, and their big Labrador (who we rarely see outside, odd? Yes.) chased Mojo 30 feet up into a tree. We are mystified how he got up there, especially since there are no branches. He must be part monkey.

Matt, after trying to call Mojo, coax him down, plead with him, finally came back to the house to report in to me (as I was in NYC yesterday) and tell me that Mojo was still in the tree, and quite frankly, didn't seem to be bothered in the least. He just chilled out and enjoyed the view for a few hours.

Finally, Matt started to head back to the tree hoping to get him out, and Mojo suddenly appeared, trotting up to Matt like he'd just been on a leisurely stroll and wanted to tell his Dad all about it.

Oh, Mojo. We were about to call the Fire Department for you. In our sleepy town, it's probably the most exciting thing that'll happen to them all year.

Maybe he was channeling Willard the Wingdale Wombat.


Catherine said...

I always love a happy ending. Great photos, by the way. And I'm loving your blog! The titles of you posts are awesome :-)

Catherine said...

Oops, meant "your" still kicking in...

Cynthia D said...

What a funny picture of Mojo. The blog looks great. I love the black background and you are so funny KC!

Alisha said...

without the circle I wouldn't have even known he was up there!

Crazy cat!

KC said...

LOL, I know Leesh! So funny. He is a character. :)