Thursday, March 4, 2010

Meet & Greet

Hey! Welcome to the Thunder Moon Farm Blog! Here's where you're going to read some hilarious tidbits about the adventures my husband Matt and I embark on with home ownership and a mini farm, all rolled into one.

Want to meet us? Good! Here we go:
I'm KC.

Also known as Kimberly Compton DiCostanzo, that takes way too long to say or type, so we'll stick with KC. Plus, that's the nickname I've had my entire life, so if you try to call me Kim or Kimberly, I probably won't realize you're talking to me.

I used to get my picture taken a lot, and frequently looked like this:

Now I look more like this:

Just kidding. But I don't traipse around the barn looking like this:

In November 2009, my husband and I bought our first home, which also happens to be a small horse farm. I own 2 horses, and we have room for 2 more, although those spots are reserved for boarders (people who pay to keep their horses on our farm) or horses that need training.

This is my husband Matt:

That's what I look like when I want him to do the dishes/ take out the garbage/ fix a fence post...etc etc.

Matt and I met and fell in love in New York City, where we both lived (together) for a brief time before moving to the outskirts, to save a little money to buy our little slice of heaven. And here we are!
My next post will be about Thunder Moon itself, and the nutty inhabitants that have fur and four legs. Aren't you excited?

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