Saturday, March 27, 2010

More Funk Than a Jazz Band

We just got home from a lovely dinner for my dad, who has a very big birthday to celebrate!

More on that tomorrow.

However, on our way home, it was late, we were tired, and a cute little woodland creature crossed in front of our car.

Matt decided to beep at it, in his infinite wisdom.

What creature was it, you ask?

A squirrel? A chipmunk? Possum?

No. Oh, no. Of course not.
Matt beeped at Stinky the Skunk.

And Stinky, as he is wont to do, decided to bestow on us a little gift.

Our car smells now.

The end.


Cynthia D said...

Ohhh Noooo!

Please say it isn't true. Please tell us that it's just a bad dream, for I know how long it takes to get that smell to go away.

If Stinky was angry and lined up a direct hit, we might as well take your poor little car out behind the chicken coop, and put everybody out of their misery.

Hum, perhaps I have just discovered a new use for the old chicken coop!

I for one would love to hear about "Dad's" special celebration. Details please!

Aislinn said...

Stinky was probably upset that he wasn't invited to the party. I always spray people when I'm mad at them. He'd better be on your 30th Birthday Bash list, or you'll be bathing in tomato juice for months.

Beverley said...


KC said...

Our car has lost its funk. WHEW! It only took a day and a half!

Catherine said...

I'm glad the smell has gone. I was going to offer to call the Car Talk guys on NPR to see if they had a special de-skunking suggestion.