Friday, March 5, 2010

Native Impression...aka Topaz

Allow me to introduce you to Topaz.

No, she's not sleeping. She's rolling in the fresh snow. It's the next best thing to a bath in the winter!

We met Topaz when she was 5 days old, in a field in upstate NY. I was about 7 or 8 years old at the time.

From the moment Topaz emerged from the womb, she had her ears pinned, teeth snapping, and a hind leg poised to kick someone. To most people, she's terrifying. To us, it's just part of her charm. I think she's one of the few horses in the history of mankind that's managed to throw every man that's ever attempted to ride her. Every. Last. One. And she does it with such joy, I think she knows how special that is!

(Don't tell Matt. I'm going to try and get him to ride her this Spring.)

Topaz didn't compete a lot in her heyday (hayday?), she was a pleasure/ trail and companion horse to my more high strung Thoroughbreds and sport horses. One by one, she'd put all of them in their place. She also put my high school boyfriends into place too - if I was mad at them, I'd send them out to "catch her," snickering the whole time. She'd chase them around and generally terrify them, which brought me endless glee.

These days, nearing 23 years of age, she moves a bit slower, dozes a bit more in the sunshine and chews her carrots more thoughtfully. But she still has some compelling moments of spitfire, usually when you least expect them. Last night was a perfect example. I bent down to pick up a water bucket to refill her water, and she bit my butt. HARD.

Look at that face. Would she do anything to you?

Yes. Yes, she would. Especially if she knows her dinner is on the way.

But despite all that, we love her to bits. How could you not?

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