Friday, March 5, 2010

Resilient, aka Zeus

Here is our latest acquisition...Zeus!

Zeus was a rescue from CANTER New England, an organization that places racehorses in adoptable, stable (literally) homes. They carefully screen each applicant, and are quite selective. However, they have so many horses that need homes, and most of them can go on to do just about anything - jumping, dressage, trail riding, the list goes on and on.

Zeus came to us quickly, the night before New Year's Eve. I chose him sight unseen - I'd just seen two rather unsightly photos of him from the racetrack (one of which is here).

Sad, isn't it? Underweight and generally very downtrodden. He's only 4 years old!

Well, that is no longer. Zeus is gaining weight and developing all the right muscles, and I'll let you in on a little something. This horse is smarter than any horse has a right to be. If he doesn't take to eventing/ dressage, he'll always have a career waiting for him in the circus.

That's right, he learns tricks! In a day or two! More on that later. I can't give away all the goodies in one post. Must keep you coming back.

Topaz just loves him. Most of the time.
Well, she did in this picture. That was the morning after he arrived. Now, I think she kind of views him as an annoying younger brother, always asking when she's going to be done trying on makeup so she can go play GI Joe/ Wii/ Matchbox Cars with him. He is desperate to have races, play halter tag, and frolic all over - and what does she want to do? That's right, folks. Eat. Nom nom.

Zeus has quite the baby face but don't let that fool you - he's run 36 races in his career, and is the great-great grandson of Secretariat (whose story is a movie coming out this summer!). Although my work with him under saddle has been somewhat limited due to the snow, snow, more snow, rain, snow...he's showing great signs of being ready to work. I hope he's ready, at any rate - he's going to be under saddle this weekend!

By the way, Zeus is also known as The Giant. Measuring in at about 16.2 hands, his withers and back tower over my head, and I practically need a ladder to groom up there properly.

Zeus and I literally saved each other. He's silly, doesn't know his own size or strength yet, but he tries very hard to be a good boy. He is my 1100 lb. toddler.


Catherine said...

This is such a charming website. Full of wit and fun! I love your posts. Really fun to read. Plus lots of great pictures. I'll definitely be following this site and it will be fun to see your blog community grow.

Pet Plog said...

KC, Zeus is so handsome. It warms my heart - honestly - to know that you saved one another. It's such a beautiful story.

Please don't tell "rhymes with tent" that you've got a blog.