Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Use Your Head!

It's a tumultuous day in the Dressage world.

Olympic Dressage Rider Hospitalized after Accident

Olympic dressage rider Courtney King-Dye was hospitalized after suffering a skull fracture when a young horse she was schooling slipped and fell last Wednesday.

Jason Dye posted an update at 6:20 this morning. He indicated that King-Dye remains stable in a coma.

"There is no way of knowing the timeframe for recovery, however the neurosurgeons, doctors, and nurses all agree the greatest strength she has is her age and high level of fitness," he noted. "What they don't know and I do is the unbelievable drive and determination that Courtney has, she will fight and fight and fight, no question."

He will read aloud e-mail messages sent to
Cards can be sent to:
Courtney Dye
2442 Muir Circle
Wellington, FL 33414

What a shame. I happen to know (from legitimate sources) that Courtney was *not* wearing a helmet while schooling this horse, which many dressage riders skip while training or schooling.

At TMF, every rider is required to wear a helmet, just for this reason. Accidents can happen on the safest of horses, and protecting your noggin is of paramount importance to us. Even if it's a bicycle helmet, those are ASTM certified and do the job.

Every ride, every time. Helmet hair is SO "in" these days, haven't you heard?

I am sure Courtney will rally and overcome this, and my thoughts are with her and her family. She is from our area, and although I've never met her, she is a remarkable equestrian deserving our respect and best wishes.


Jane said...

Great blog, KC!

Catherine said...

Very scary. YOU be careful!

Mandy said...

I just got a new bike helmet over the weekend... so now I'll be prepared, should I make it out East anytime soon :)

KC said...

LOL, Mandy! Exactly! You're welcome any time! xo