Thursday, March 4, 2010

We Bought the Farm

We moved to Thunder Moon on November 28, which also happens to be my mom's birthday. After a move fraught with a bit of drama, we slowly got ourselves settled by bleaching everything in existence. We only had a few weeks before the horses were due to arrive, so we had to make the most of it. Oh, and build a barn. No pressure.

There is an existing barn, but it isn't what I would deem horseworthy, especially in harsh NY winters. So with our budget and a little help (or a lot of help) from Matt's family, we had a 4 stall shedrow barn built - big, roomy, and most importantly, safe and comfortable for our horses. Eventually, we'd like to enclose the shedrow so there's a center aisle, but there are a million other things to do first.

Anyway, without further ado, here's where we live.
Yeah, I know it has the MLS logo on it. We'll fix that once I take a new photo. And that ladder over there isn't ours. But we do need one!

I don't have any great photos of the inside, well, because before we moved in, it was downright boring. Beige and brown had a party and didn't invite anyone else. Once a little more work is done on the inside, I'll do pics. But for now, I'd like to keep you awake.

This is some of our land. No horses yet, this photo was taken before we moved in. Lovely! As Matt says, "You can do 50 cartwheels and not hit anything!"

This is what our land looks like at the moment. But you can see the new barn!

More on that later. I'll have to do interior pictures of the shedrow.

Here's the back end of the new barn, with our house in the background.

More photos to come soon. It's hard taking pictures in the winter outside, what with my fingers freezing and all. And there's usually a horse behind me, noodling at my back pocket hoping to find some carrots in there. No, guys. I just haven't worked out in awhile, that's why I have a lumpy bum.


Sara A Broers said...

Looks like you enjoy the country life~ Big change from NYC,I'm sure. Nice pics and I'll have to check back in to see what you add. Nice blog~ love your cats. We also have several farm cats and two dogs. It's a perfect love/hate relationship between all of them.

KC said...

Thank you Sara, and thanks for adding me! It is a big change, but one we were really ready for, and so far - absolutely love. I grew up with this lifestyle, so I'm more accustomed to this than the hustle of NYC. I'm new at the blog thing, so please bear with me! :)