Monday, March 8, 2010

Where the Streets Have No Name of my favorite U2 songs.

We have a street with no name. Oh, it has a name....on a map. But we don't have a street sign.

The first time Matt and I looked at our house, we blew past the street. Twice. Because it had no sign.

When people come to visit our house, since Google Maps doesn't work (but Mapquest does!), we find ourselves using landmarks such as, "That blue house with red trim" or "If you've reached the covered bridge, turn around!"

We do have a covered bridge about 2 minutes away. It's beautiful! And usually swarming with leaf peepers in fall.

After officially declaring Thunder Moon "open for business," we decided we really need a sign, to let people know where we are. We have a lovely logo (available for purchase on tshirts, bags, hats, SIGG water bottles, I have to keep going?). You can see it on the TMF official website link above. Or in the photos below.

So, we created a sign with the logo and some arrows. A laminator is a wonderful thing.

No, that's not our house. And yes, Ramah is also down our road. Whatever that is. I actually think it's a summer camp. There's not a lot on our road, since it's a dead end. But look! Our sign! (That was Matt's handiwork with a staple gun, ooooh la la.)

Before that, we (rather, Matt) went to work putting signs up on the stone columns outside our driveway. With some creativity and fishing wire, they look really lovely! Mojo and I carefully inspected the straightness of each sign, and then applauded Matt for how downright handy he is.

Aren't they faboo?

Here you can see them on either side of the driveway, entering our property. I love our driveway, with the hedges lining it. My mother-in-law was apoplectic over the amount of trimming hedges require when she saw the house, but I think it lends a distinctive charm and makes the place look very fancy pants. Which...ahem...we're not. But we try hard. I haven't had to trim the hedges yet, so I still like them.

Sorry about that sun over there. But you get the idea.

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Catherine said...

Hey, soon one of those "leef peepers" will be me!

I ordered a tote and mug. Can't wait till they get here :-) Love your logo!