Thursday, March 11, 2010

Zeus, channeling Jeffrey

Bill Cosby is a genius. He makes us laugh without profanity or derogatory language, and for that, he is a genius.

One of my favorite videos is Bill Cosby's "Himself," which may be older than I am, or at least, I was in diapers when it came out. It is timeless humor. I think it's one of the reasons I married Matt - because he had it on video!

This is one of my favorite clips, above. It's especially funny now, since Zeus, like Jeffrey, is "four years old," or "fowa yeayers owld."

But here's the thing: he used to be five years old!

When we got him, we didn't get his papers straight away, and we were told that he was five by the rescue organization. Thoroughbreds, according to the Jockey Club, all have a universal birthday on January 1. Zeus, in Jockey Club terms, was still 4 when we got him, not 5. His actual birthday is April 18, so he will be 5 next month. Carrot cake anyone?

We really started to wonder about this when our equine dentist (who is wonderful - and yes, horses have dentists too!) did a routine floating (basically filing down sharp teeth and making sure everything is ducky in there), and took a look in Zeus' mouth. You can actually tell approximately how old a horse is by their teeth. He said, "Are you sure this horse is five?" Me: "Um, I think so." Dentist: "Um, I think not."

His papers came in the mail later that week, and whadya know, he's four years old!

Matt does a hysterical impression: "I'm Zeus, and I'm fowa yeayers owld. I was, I was five, but now I'm fowa yeayers owld."

Maybe you have to be there for that one.

As for saying Zeus' name ad nauseum while he is causing mayhem, yes, I do that. "Zeus, Zeusey don't do that, Zeus, stop noodling in my coat hanging over there, Zeus, stop bumping Topaz, Zeus, your hay is over here..." Oh yes, I am that gal.

Maybe I'm ready for motherhood after all.


Catherine said...

You know what, you're never too old or too young for Bill Cosby. I love it when I'm channel surfing and come across an old episode of The Bill Cosby Show. Timeless!

Cynthia D said...

I love Bill Cosby, and I still remember that clip, so great. I think Zeus will grow up to be a "good kid", just don't buy him a first class ticket!

Sapphire said...

I imagined Matt saying that and I cracked myself up :p