Friday, April 9, 2010

Animal House

I should have known.

The animals are taking over TMF!

Well, what did you expect?

I absolutely love nature. Plants, animals, sky, clouds....even the things that make me squeal, like the little resident frogs in our stream who must love hearing me shriek, because they all take flying leaps at me.

But in the past few weeks, there have been more animals than usual on our property. We now have some regular visitors.
I feel like that photo should be in the National Enquirer. It's grainy and you have to look at just the right angle to see Percy, the male mallard duck who has taken up residence in our horse field. (We're not under water. We have a stream running through the middle of the field.) His mate, Petunia, is somewhere over there, but she's brown, so good luck spotting her.
This photo is a bit clearer. I felt like the Quackarazzi, sneaking around our wood pile to get close enough to get a photo. They're very wary of people, which is good - that means they're less likely to be hunted by my fellow men. That makes me happy.

I have to admit, I didn't name Percy and Petunia. They are reincarnations of a pair of mallards that visited my parents every spring when a little pond would form in their front yard. Aren't they cute?

Then, yesterday I was talking to a very dear friend who told me she's got a bun in the oven (yay!) and as I'm gushing happy baby thoughts, I see something out my front window.
That's Mojo, lying down facing away from us. But who is looking at me?

Mojo's got a girlfriend! He even brought a mouse over and plonked it in front of her, the equivalent of kitty flowers or jewelry.

I'm happy to report that the mouse is not on my front porch steps anymore. Whew!

Or, perhaps Mojo has a boyfriend. Whatever this kitty is, they seem to be close. Which is great, since Whimsey and Monster, stuck in the house, practically snap, claw, slather and foam at the mouth when Mojo approaches our screen door.

If it's a boyfriend Mojo's got, I guess the mouse would be the equivalent of some Barbra Streisand CDs and a bunch of rhinestones.

Good for him!


Aislinn said...

KC, If I knew the words to the Wild Kingdom theme, I'd post them here. Come to think of it, there may not have been words. I don't remember that far back into my childhood.

Either way, I think the fact that Mojo has someone to hang which is a wonderful thing. He looks so comfy lying at the bottom of the stairs. I wonder if his new GF or BF slugged him because he tried to make a pass at her/him. You may have the makings of Animal Planet's new take on "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy." What a novel idea. You could have a peacock as the host. They're dashing.

Rebecca said...

Aw yay Mojo! Companionship and dead doesn't get much better than that. :) It is interesting that his partner is on the higher step, clearly Mojo isn't wearing the pants in that relationship! Super cute they are, though.

KC said...

Ais, wonderful idea about Queer Eye! I always loved that show!

Bexy, YOU are super cute.

Cynthia D said...

Aww, love is in the air at Thunder Moon Farm!
Perhaps you could put out some treats for your Mallard friends. What do ducks consider a special treat? Maybe the little froggies that jump at you? I for one haven't the foggiest, but it sure would be great to see little ducklings swimming around!

Arliss said...

Love the mallards! Lucky you! When we were looking for a place up here in CT we were hoping to find property with a stream on it, but no luck. Maybe they'll raise babies -- how cool would that be?

So cute about Mojo and his life-partner-candidate! I hope it works out for both of them. And they're sort of matching, aren't they? What a lovely pair. (Although perhaps it meant something that Mojo got into our car yesterday? I hope it wasn't a spat that ended with a terse, "Well, FINE! I'm LEAVING!")

Catherine said...

Quackarazzi - yuk, yuk, yuk!

Spring has sprung at TMF, couples and buns in ovens abound!