Thursday, April 15, 2010

Berry Nice

No horsey post today. Instead, we're going back to Gardening 101, or, KC Doesn't Know What the Heck She's Doing So Let's Hope She Doesn't Kill These Plants.

I had a busy day yesterday, but Horsewife Cyn and I stopped over at a local nursery to check it out, and so I could get some strawberry seeds and other sundry items. Turns out, this nursery (which is huge on the outside) is not so huge after all, and had very limited selection! Phooey. However, they did have already started blueberry bushes, and strawberry plants.

Score! I spent more, yes, but on the other hand, someone else did the hard work for me.

I inhale strawberries and blueberries all summer long. To the point where you can visibly notice the difference on our grocery bill when I stop buying them. Blueberries in particular are so expensive these days. How can something so good for you be that expensive? It's just not fair.

So I got my most favorite thing from Jersey (aside from my niece and nephews, who live there): Jersey blueberries.
I think we should totally name these two fine-looking specimens. And since they cross pollinate each other, perhaps one is a girl and one is a boy? Any takers?
Those little buds will turn into flowers, which will then turn into, you guessed it, blueberries!

That's my happy little strawberry plant. The lady at the nursery said I can plant them in the ground now, but seeing as how we're still having frost and freezing nights, methinks not. So they all get carted inside for the evenings now.

And, my teeny little sprouts from last week, are getting bigger by the day - I can hardly believe how fast some are growing!
Even the shy peppers are beginning to emerge. Free salad. Yum.
This is the happiest green bean plant I've ever seen. I hope frosts end soon so I can get these babies in the ground.

Matt is thrilled. He loves the fact that there's a jungle in our bedroom every night when I bring our plants in.


Catherine said...

KC, I just love how much you're getting into this gardening stuff. It sounds like so much fun. Plus, it's rewarding! You're like Ma Ingalls on Little House in the Prairie!

As for blueberry plant names...hmmm...I have three suggestions:

Bogey and Bacall
Luke and Laura
Cruz and Eden

Now we'll see how old your readers are...


KC said...

Do you know I'm a descendant of Laura Ingalls? It's true! How did you know?

I was thinking Edward and Bella, actually....yes, yes, it's ok, tell me I'm a dweeb...but that was my first thought.

Arliss said...

I love your plant posts -- really, it sounds like you're having so much fun, it's infectious! Just makes me want to get out there and do some planting myself. I love all your little sprouts!

SERIOUSLY, you're related to Laura Ingalls? Oh, my, Madeleine will flip! Bruce has been reading her the whole series of Little House books at bedtime for about a year now. I sit in and listen a lot. It's so amazing, what those people went through ... there's one book called The Long Winter that relates incredible stuff about a record-setting, horrible winter the Ingalls family and other people in the settlement endured, surviving blizzards and keeping huddled week after week with hardly any food and literally freezing temperatures inside their tiny homes. Amazing, really! So you're from hardy stock ... no wonder you're so good with animals and plants! : )

Cynthia D said...

Alright, my suggestion for names, and I promise I was thinking about this before your post, is....
Bella and Blue. So Ms. Ingalls the II, if you don't use Bella and Blue for the plants, you could always save the names in case of twins!!!

Catherine said...

Edward and Bella - that's from the Twilight Series, right? I'm ashamed to admit I haven't read those books or seen the movies.

But I think I make up for my lack of knowledge on current hunks and heroines, with my apparent psychic abilities re: Laura Ingalls.

And Arliss, I still have my complete set of Little House books. I read bits of them every now and then when like gets too hectic. It's nice to read about a simpler time.