Friday, April 16, 2010

Birthday Business

I'm going to let you in on a little secret.

I'm turning 30 this year. In August.

For whatever reason, my birthday is giving me lots to think about this year. I think we've come a long way, and I'm really happy where we are now.

But with my birthday a mere 115 days away (yes, I checked!), there's quite a bit left to do before then.

Well, not really. But while I'm mucking, my mind wanders and I tend to daydream a bit.

What have I been daydreaming about? What the best gifts ever would be for my birthday!

(Note: I fully don't expect to have all of these items, and of course I'm not requesting them as gifts. This is just my version of a Neiman Marcus catalog and unlimited funds.)

So, indulge me while I list out my dream presents.

1. A Nissan Xterra, or other SUV with a towing package that can pull a 2 horse trailer. Used is a-ok! I like the Xterras because they seem to last longer, although let's face it, if it has 4 wheels and can pull a trailer, I'm all over it.
2. A horse trailer - of course, to go with the truck! Also can be used. I like Kingstons, but will take any make as long as it's a genuine horse trailer:

And not a stock trailer:
(See the openings in the stock trailer? Yeah, not a fan of trailering in cold months with that.)

I have a goal to take Zeus to some clinics and schooling shows later this year. Hopefully, I can either hitch a ride with someone or have my own rig so I can get him out and about!

3. A Stubben Roxane Saddle:
Isn't she pretty? I have a Stubben Kerry saddle which I love, have used it for 15 years, but I'd like to be able to use that just for my students, and have this new piece of art as my saddle. Sigh. At a mere $2300, it would be a great saddle for the next 20+ years of riding.

4. A Standard Schnauzer, in salt-and-pepper....male.
It's so sad that we've already got a name for the dog, and don't have....the dog. We have to be careful with Matt's allergies, so we need a certain kind of pup. We found a breeder we like, aren't interested in showing, and these pups are about $1200. (Normally I'd choose to rescue, but we'd like our first pup to be from a breeder, just in case Matt's allergies can't handle it - with a breeder, they always take the dog back, and with rescues, you just never know what would happen to them. Once we know his allergies are ok with a certain breed, the next dog will be a rescue.)
And no, I'm not telling you the dog's name. It's like telling you a baby's name that you like before you're're bound to have someone say, "Oh, that's a terrible name!"

5. A cabana boy to wave palm fronds, serve drinks, and break down the awful looking pigeon coop in the corner of our property. Really, it's ugly. More on that in a future post.

So as you can see, I don't need much for my birthday. Not much at all!


Catherine said...

The big 3-0, eh? I think you will really like your 30s. It's all about coming into your own, and you're ahead of that game. Your list of dream gifts is quite impressive. I wouldn't mind having #5 myself (sans the pigeon coop).

lizzieblue said...

Why do people keep pigeons? Is Do they lay edible eggs? You won't catch me eating a pigeon egg! Or a pigeon... eveytime i see one it still reminds me of those mobster pigeons on animaniacs.

Aislinn said...

KC, you really should keep a registry because I am sure there will be duplicates, especially the Nissan. I'm on the phone with the dealer now.

I vaguely remember my 30th birthday, but I do remember that my friends hired a Michael Jackson impersonator who came to the party with his own boom box. He was very good. I screamed with delight.

I won't even talk about the 40th birthday party. Ugh. Ex boyfriend. Helmsley Palace. Raw oysters. That could be a haiku, I suppose.

I can't wait to go back to Thunder Moon Farm to see all the sprouts...and the boys, and the girl.

Catherine said...

Oh wow, I spent my 40th birthday at work! I was living in Beverly Hills, working for Netflix, and I had some big project due. I remember feeling soooo sorry for myself. I think I was at work until midnight. Ah the good old days of two years ago. I don't even remember my 30th. I do know one thing...there was no Michael Jackson impersonator.

Since Aislinn has the Nissan covered, I'll take care of that Stubborn Roxanne Saddle.

KC said...

You guys are cracking me up! Ais, I would like black, blue, white or silver for my truck's color, please. Thanks! :)

Cat, Stubborn, LOL. Yes, you could say that - my saddle has stubbornly kept me in place despite some crazy rides for years! So it all makes sense now.