Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bling and Dogs blog isn't all about horses, is it?

Allow me to change the vibe a little bit!

Oh look, I'm rhyming, and all on my first cup of coffee.

Saturday night I had a great Girls Night Out with my friend Anissa, who invited me over for a jewelry show! I was the jewelry lady, so it was a great chance for me to meet some people, see some old friends, and have the most incredible pomegranate martini I've ever had. Seriously.

Oh, and Anissa is also a baker extraordinaire, and she made these "Cookie" cupcakes (because it is Cookie Lee Jewelry, after all!), and they pretty much sent me to Heaven and back. She loves to bake, so I asked if she'd do some cupcakes for my 30th birthday in August. She said yes! I'm already salivating.
Anyway, it was a smaller show, but it was a blast and I walked away with quite the large amount of money - these ladies loved the jewelry! Mother's Day was a popular reason for shopping, so I predict there will be some really happy moms out there in 2 weeks.
Which reminds me: Mother's Day is 2 weeks away - so if you want something special for your Mom, let me know - I can help!

As you can see, everyone was really happy with their bling choices!
And the martinis. Me, too. Delish!

Anissa and her fiance Pete also had a special delivery the evening before.

This little lovebug was left at a veterinary hospital by her owner a few states away - the owner requested she be put down because she had an intestinal blockage and he could "just breed another one."


So, Anissa heard about her and met a veterinary assistant in PA to take the pup, a few days after she'd had successful surgery to remove the blockage.

The other pups in the house have taken her under their wings (paws?) and are showing her the ropes.
Jewelry is exhausting!

She doesn't have a name yet though! Would anyone like to contribute a name for Anissa and Pete to consider?


Anonymous said...

Love it!!! I'm sooo in love with Cookie Lee jewelry!!! I'm turning everyone I know onto it! Thanks so much for caring enough to write about our little family :-) We're going to have a great Summer having you so close! xoxo

Cynthia D said...

Aawww, what a sweet new baby. I personally think he looks like a "Peanut". Be sure and give us an update on what the final name becomes.

Catherine said...

What a sweet puppy! How could anyone abandon her? I just don't understand people sometimes. I'm really please with the happy ending. And I think she looks like a Molly.

KC said...

Peanut, Molly...good ones! Keep 'em coming! I said Delilah and I'm also stuck on Fiona...don't know why but there you have it. More updates as I have them!

Aislinn said...

KC, that is such a beautiful story! Anissa and Pete, you are two very special people. Thank you for saving that little baby, whom I'll call Ginger until she gets her real name.