Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bumble Bee

We have a new lawn mower/ tractor.

Well, we never had an old one, so it's not really new, but it is new....

Ok, I'm confusing myself.

Does anyone remember Bumble Bee from Transformers?

Um, yeah. That's our new lawn mower. The thing can probably fire grass assault missiles and has a function to transform itself into a submarine.

The best part was, Matt had to test it out when it got here, as all men do with new toys.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present....Matt mowing.

This is more exciting (and funnier) than watching grass grow. Promise. (Video!)

You can actually hear me cackling, guffawing and howling behind the camera, and it's shaking because I cannot stop laughing.

Yes, Matt is mowing the driveway.

He also did some impressive maneuvers in getting Bumble Bee to do doughnuts....but my personal favorite is the moonwalk move he does at about 55 seconds.

We are officially residents of the Funny Farm. But at least we have Bumble Bee for mowing and improv dance contests in the driveway!


KatieVDesigns said...

LOL, that video is great :) My M would be sooo jealous of that mower! Love that you named it Bumblebee :)

Cynthia D said...

Matt is so funny! And so cute...yes, he is a doll-baby. Maybe he can make bumble bee dance and charge admission!

Alisha said...

OMG That is just way too funny. Thanks for a good laugh Matt and Kace!

Catherine said...

OK, Matt is just adorable with his new toy. Sweet video KC...love hearing you laugh in the background!