Thursday, April 1, 2010

Come Alive

Do me a favor. Press Play on the video and listen as you read this post.

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That's an indie artist, Gavin Mikhail, who does piano rock music.

Today was an ending of sorts for me. I had a job I liked in NYC, and when we moved to TMF, I went part time. But before that, almost 10 years ago, I was at a crossroads in my life after a riding injury, and NYC welcomed me with open arms. I've been lucky while I was there, career-wise and with the many friendships I've made along the way, some that will last a lifetime. Fashion Week, tons of parties and late nights (early mornings sounds more appropriate!), some scary moments but so many wonderful ones too. I learned so much about myself, from moving on my own to a studio on 14th Street, meeting tons of people, getting in over my head with shopping, dating, more shopping, and more dating. Matt and I had our first date in Manhattan, and he proposed there. My best friends congregate there for cocktails and catching up, even though some of them live half a world away. NYC has been good to me.

With TMF really taking off, it was time to bid NYC adieu for work purposes. As my train was pulling out of Grand Central for the last time, with the underground lights slipping past, this song came on my iPod. I don't know why, but for whatever reason, it took on new meaning, and how now, with this new beginning with TMF, I am finally at peace and able to "Come Alive."

But before I left, I got the chance to have lunch with some of my favorite people!
Yes, 12 of my favorite coworkers came out for a Last Day Lunch! It was really a celebration, as I was giddy to be able to follow my bliss, and all these fantastic people were happy for me.
As the train raced under skyscrapers, thousands of pedestrians, cabs and bodegas, I couldn't help but wonder: how many people have that many coworkers, at their job, that care about them? That there are now strong friendships that will last beyond lunch, or meetings?
I think I'm very fortunate.

I hope that all of my friends from Langan are all able to Come Alive in their own ways, and allow me to celebrate with them too as they shoot for their dreams.

I don't think this song is meant to be spiritual, but I couldn't help but feel a pull as it played, like someone (perhaps my grandmother, Nana, in Heaven?) had helped show me where I'm meant to be now, and that this song was intended to make me understand that while timing is everything, the people you meet every day also guide you in your journey, perhaps unbeknownst to you at the time.

"Just stand up tall
For what you believe in all the time
And life will work out fine for you
And me
You'll see.."

To all my work buddies - I love you bunches, come up and visit, play in my veggie garden, and who wants some free fertilizer?


Aislinn said...

KC, that looks like a lovely bunch of coworkers. I suppose leaving was bittersweet, but as we all know, endings are beginnings too.

Besides, you could always come into the city for a freebie lunch with the tugboat queen of the world. Yes, even in my biz, one gets to dine at La Grenouille with a filthy rich Greek shipping magnate, or magnet, as I like to call them.

Good luck with your two new residents. I can't wait to meet them! Siggy, would ya like a ciggy?

Cynthia D said...

KC, what a beautiful post. How fortunate you were to work with people you care about.

It's difficult to leave the known and comfortable behind as we make our way through life, and begin the next chapter.

Let me say, I am thankful that I get to be a small part of that next chapter of your life.

Catherine said...

Dear KC, what a special post today. I read it with the music playing (as instructed) and it was really powerful. I felt the bittersweetness. And looking at all of the people who bid you farewell at your lunch, and the kind words you had for them, I thought to myself "I wonder if KC realizes that to have so many special friends means that she is really special." I'm so happy to be here as you launch into your next fabulous phase.


JayZ said...

Beautiful post! It is wonderful that you can call so many of your co-workers friends. But it says a lot about you that you have made so many friendships and they can be happy for your success.

Good luck in all that is to come! I know TMF will continue to grow and that's because of all the hardwork that you and Matt put into it! You deserve all your success!

KC said...

Thanks ladies! It was bittersweet, but now, I can come into the city for FUN (like Aislinn said!). So I'm looking forward to that.

ALthough now I'm looking forward to a nap after bringing in the new boys today!

Arliss said...

KC, sorry for the belated response but I want to echo the comments above and say what a powerful post this is. Thank you so much for sharing it. Indeed, it can be so difficult "to leave the known and comfortable behind as we begin the next chapter." How wonderful that you were able to work with such a great, amazing group of people -- I've been so wildly lucky as to have had an experience like that myself, and it is a very rare and precious thing! And as an encouragement to you let me say that after a similar "goodbye" for me seven years ago -- even a similarly very emotional and bittersweet train ride home -- I'm still in touch with those friends and can and do see them now and then. (Yes, those long train rides can now be "for fun only"! And those trips are SO much fun!) As Catherine said, I wonder if you realize that in having so many people special to you, you must be pretty special. And you are, and you're going to come alive yourself and have amazing, wonderful things ahead!

(By the way, I love that song!)