Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Heavens to Bexy!

My BFF is here!

Well, let me rephrase that. She was here. On Monday. Yes, I realize it's Wednesday, but I was having so much fun with her and the new boys that I didn't blog.


Anyway, my best gal pal's name is Rebecca. Some call her Becca. I call her Bex. Or Bexy. Or Sexy Bexy. Or Bexalicious, Bexaholic, Bex Ran Red, Bexter, somebody stop me! Bex lives in London now, where she has a great (but demanding) job, good friends, and various other things (blokes and pints and fish and chips, bangers and mash) keeping her busy.
Look how happy she is! She's just off a flight, and I'm going all paparazzi on her. Poor thing.

About 10 minutes after she arrived, I told her to slap on her boots, because I had two horses to ride and she was going to come out and enjoy all the sunshine and grass and horse fur she can handle!

The horses are shedding. A lot.

Bex gleefully came out, took many photos, and then I accidentally deleted them. Not to mention, I forgot my camera in the house. Because you know, it's such a long walk to the house from the barn.


Luckily, Bex had her iPhone handy, so we still got some photographic fun. Even better, Bex decided to hop on our new arrival, Siggy, who was a perfect gentleman and even took her on a little trot, just in case she missed the feeling of turbulence.
Don't you love how high her knees are? Bex is all leg, and I'm not. That's my dressage saddle, and in dressage, your stirrup irons are longer than normal so you can wrap your leg around the horse for commands. Well. After looking at this photo of Bex (I didn't adjust the irons for her), I have quite the stumpy legs. And she's only 2'' taller than me! Apparently, those 2'' are 2'' of leg on that girl.

I love my Bex. I miss her already. I only spent about an hour waxing poetic about how incredible it would be if she "surprised" me at my 30th birthday party in August.

I promise I'll act surprised, Bexy!


Rebecca Rooney said...

what an absolute gorgeous shot of me haha. i was so glad to be there and see the place in the spring - such an amazing accomplishment my dear, the farm is so lovely and becoming so lively with four furry buddies on site. :) i can't wait to be back and will do my darndest to work on the birthday timing... :) love you kace!! xoxo
bexter...apparently?? ;)

heart you,

Cynthia D said...

Bex looks great on Siggy! She looks as though she has spent her life in the saddle. So glad you had some time with your BFF!

Catherine said...

Nice to meet you Bex, through KC's website. I'm glad you two gals had such a nice visit. Makes me want to drive down to LA and surprise my best friend with a visit! Carina, here I come!