Monday, April 12, 2010


The puppies are here, the puppies are here!

Congratulations to Mom Checkers, who did a fabulous job in labor and delivery. Actually, she just looked cute in delivery, no Lamaze needed, since she had a C-Section. But she did beautifully, and all pups are healthy and happy.
And so freaking cute I can't stand it.

Why does Matt have to be allergic? WHY?
Well, right now they sort of resemble little gerbils more than actual puppies. Give them a week or two, and you'll be falling off your chair from a whack upside the head of cuteness.

From Left:
Pup #1: Slider. Looks like this one slid into sleeping position facefirst. Or, so teeny that she can go between two hamburger buns for a photo op.

Pup #2: Banana Boat. Look at that pink nose! Someone should get that pup some sunscreen. Nickname: Coppertone.

Pup #3: Rumpy. Also known as my long lost sibling, he/ she has quite a substantial backside, not unlike yours truly!

Pup #4: Moose. My mom named that one, considering her size. Ladies and Gents, that's a little female - and she's bigger than the two boys in the litter. Someone likes her meals, eh?

Doesn't Checkers look like the devoted SuperMom? A calm, contented but alert look on her face, surveying her four little masterpieces.
I am sure that look will transform to "Please, someone else watch these damn kids so I can get a few minutes of peace over here!" in a matter of weeks.

I'll take them, Chex!

Either way, we are so happy that these little bundles of fluff have arrived safely. I'm an Auntie!


Catherine said...

Congratulations! Well done, Checkers. What a sweet little family.

Arliss said...

Oh, Checkers, they're beautiful!! I can't stand it! Too much cuteness! I dare say even a tiny bit cuter than my daughter's incredibly cute little hamster, Pancake.

I totally call dibs on Rumpy.

Congratulations to all!

Cynthia D said...

Checkers is so beautiful! She has such a regal look about her. She has done her work for the moment, and now she shall sit back and reign as the Queen, at least for the moment.Hope to meet Checkers live and in person some day!

Congratulations Auntie Kace!!

Alisha said...

OMG I'm in love!

Suz said...

I LURVE them!!