Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Secretariat...Living with a Legacy

I just saw a trailer for a movie about one of the most famous horses in history....Secretariat.

The video above isn't the official trailer, but if you'd like to see it, click HERE and it'll take you to the real trailer for the film, which Diane Lane and John Malkovich are starring in.

I am the first to admit that I have mixed feelings about Thoroughbred racing. I don't like how young they race these horses - at the age of 2, a horse's bones aren't even close to being ready. A typical Thoroughbred's bones aren't fully ossified until 7 or 8 years of age, thus leading to more breaks and fractures under the stress of the track. I also don't like some of the conditions the horses are kept in, but I also don't think all tracks are like the ones I'm familiar with.

However, when I saw the trailer for the film, I couldn't help but feel my heart begin to race and my eyes welled up with tears. But why? Why am I so affected by a horse, who won the Triple Crown before I was even born?
Because he's the great-great grandfather of Zeus, that's why. I have the legacy of an incredible legend, hanging out in my backyard. And although his racing career wasn't stupendous, he's got such promise, and clearly carries Secretariat's confidence, even at such a young age.

Zeus also has the 1977 Triple Crown winner in his blood....Seattle Slew is his great-grandfather.

Incredibly, there has never been a Triple Crown winner in my lifetime. The last was Affirmed, in 1978. Perhaps that will change with the winner of the Derby this weekend. I cannot help but be excited about having such an incredible living, breathing piece of history right in my field, that I have the honor of riding and working with.

Will he ever win the Triple Crown, like his grandsires? No. Has he changed my life? Yes.

The fact that he comes from such an outstanding heritage is just a bonus.


lizzieblue said...

I can't remember if i told you that Pam's Aunt owned Secretariat!

KC said...

I do remember that! So her aunt is Penny?

Cynthia D said...

The beauty and grace of all of those horses running is breath taking.

Is it a good life for the horses? No, probably not. But I will continue to be mesmerized by the site, and stop whatever I am doing to watch their legs unfold as they race around the track.

Alisha said...

That is awesome to have a legacy in your field. He's very regal :)

Random sidenote not related to horse racing... but since you hadn't mentioned it I wasn't sure. Did you see the mini mini horse?! OMG I almost melted when i saw him on TV.

Catherine said...

I'm still processing that you were born after 1978.

Arliss said...

LOL Cath! Me too ... I was attending college and keg parties at about that time. : )

But the sight of that big, beautiful chestnut pulling away from the field so easily, as though the others are just biding their time on a pleasure ride ... it does takes your breath away, doesn't it?

KC, thanks so much for sharing those memorable images.

Catherine said...

I have to admit, that video gave me chills and I welled up a bit. God, what a beautiful animal. KC, it is incredible that you have Zeus. What a legacy.