Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Berry Bliss!

I am in love.
Fresh strawberries, right from my garden!
And so many more, on the way!

I am so excited that things are growing. I've killed some things, others, have no idea why they're there or how to stop them, and then I have some select items I started from seeds that are just perking along beautifully.

Let's have a look, shall we?
First up, we have our broccoli. It's a cold season item, so you can plant them before the last frost. We've had deep freezes since I planted them, and they're still happy. For whatever reason, they are all clumped together in chunks, although I didn't spread the seeds that way.

Broccoli. They aren't loners.

Here's a happy cluster of tomatoes. These are the only tomatoes that are actually flourishing, and I think I should go get a tomato plant instead, because at the rate we're going....we won't have any tomatoes. And if you know me, you know I love tomatoes. Inhale them. All by themselves. I can't resist tomatoes.

So I need to go get a plant someone else started, I think.
These carrots are slightly psychotic in their growth, and they're chugging along very well. They seem to be happy to be in the ground. I wonder, is it ok that these carrots are kind of in a clump? Will they battle it out over soil space? I have another row of carrots, and they're all spread out and sprouting, but there's like, 8 potential carrots in that pic up there.
My peppers are still alive. That's a good start. And there's a little mini guy in there, I don't know what he is, but I guess he's learning from the Big Sprouts or something. An intern, perhaps?
These are four green bean plants. I need to plant the rest of the seeds, because these guys aren't waiting for anything. They're flowering, and I think that means they'll be making beans! Right?
And of course, our blueberries. Bella the blueberry plant has a few berries (this is her, modeling) and I check every day to see if they're blue yet. Nope. Another day of waiting.


Edward, however, has a ton of flowers, but he looks a little sad and his berries are very slow to form, it seems. I don't know what his problem is. But he and Bella better straighten out their issues and co-pollinate, or else.....or else....

Or else I'll have to go and buy blueberries to get my fix. The travesty!

Now for some weirdos.
These were here from the previous owners - chives! I know they're chives, but the purple flowers were pretty, so I lopped off a bunch of them and put it in the bathroom in a vase, trying to be all Martha Stewart-y, putting my own cut flowers in a vase. The shower guests thought it odd that I had chives in a vase in the bathroom.

Someone please take this thing! It's bigger than Topaz! I do believe it's rhubarb, and we have no use for it, and frankly, I think I might just take the leaves and fashion a cabana in the backyard. I wish I had an item to compare it to so you could see how big these leaves are. I'll do that soon.

Ah, the garden. I've eaten a total of 4 strawberries from it. And lettuce I was checking to see if it was poisonous or not. It's not.
That? Is a thing of beauty!


Cynthia D said...

I am a witness to the size of the rhubarb. The thing is larger than our KC.

As for the blueberries, I was there at the time of purchase. We were told, buy a boy and a girl plant and there will be lots and lots of blueberries. Humm.

As for myself...I was inspired to plant carrots to provide for the horses at TMF. If
Siggy, Zeus and Topaz have to rely on my crop...well, let me just ask...what time does Costco open?

KC said...

Cyn, I am learning that you should mix the type of blueberry plant, which the lady told us we in fact, did not (I remember asking her). Grr.

Your carrots aren't growing yet? I have carrot sprouts all over the place! Don't worry, I'll send you home with some and you can pretend you grew them. :)

lizzieblue said...

isn't it amazing how strawberries from your garden taste SO MUCH BETTER than strawberries from a grocery store?? i don't have any, my plants are still only about an inch high :( I have a tiny bell pepper growing though!

I think you have to pull up the bunch of carrots and "thin" them, but i've never done it. Ask Suz!

Catherine said...

I'm telling you, as far as tomatoes, get that upside down tacky tomato hanger thing. And as for Edward and Bella, remember that boys mature a lot slower than girls.

Those strawberries are beautiful! Are you sure you don't want to keep the rhubarb? You can make some awesome rhubarb bread with know, after you hack through it with a meat cleaver.

Suz said...

Here I am! Haha! Yes, thin those carrots. Otherwise they'll get all tangled up and deformed and you'll end up with one rather large looking carrot instead of nice, straight ones. See if you can't tug them out of the ground without pulling up the others around them, then just plant them in a little row a few inches apart. Bury them deep when you transplant so they have good support.

Same goes for your brocolli. As a matter of fact, I was just digging up brocolli plants and moving them around yesterday. At that size, their roots are already mingled, so a good tug will break them or bring them all up. Yesterday I was splitting three or four plants up by digging up the entire clump of them then carefully separating them by breaking apart the dirt clods...your's need to be thinned for sure though.

Green beans look fab! And the tomatoes! Thin the peppers as well!

And hello, you have strawberries, what do you MEAN you don't have any use for rhubarb? Have you never experinced a strawberry-rhubarb pie?? Hahah FYI, if you want to save up your strawberries for a pie or something else cooked (jam?!), hull them and pop them in the freezer as you go.

Suz said...

I forgot to say...Ideally, broccoli needs to be at least a foot or foot and half apart in spacing. Because those suckers will be large and in charge in no time...about as big as your leg. And big plants = nice heads of broccoli. Small plants = broccoli florets. Haha.

And if you really don't want the rhubarb, maybe you can cut it and donate to you local food bank? Our little foodbank here takes produce from local gardens and they even run a "grow an extra row for the hungry" pledge program.