Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Bugs. They're everywhere. And in most cases, they really annoy you. Flies, mosquitoes, ticks, gnats...gross.

I've gotten some literature on something new (to me, anyway) called Fly Predators. These are little bugs that apparently eat fly larvae, thereby bringing down the bug count, which is pretty darn helpful around a horse property. Imagine my delight when I read that they don't bother animals or people, and can be shipped in neat little baggies that you open up and "release" the bugs once they've hatched! Cool!
Well, here they are in their unhatched stage with some wood shavings in there. Little creepy crawly guys with wings. I waited patiently to see if the bugs would emerge, thinking I could watch it happen....

...and that grossed me out.

However, this morning, I can see some moving around in there. And they're teeny! I'd attempt a photo, except I don't think our camera would capture how tiny they are. So perhaps tomorrow, I'll release the little buggers and let them get to work. We'll get a shipment of 5,000 Fly Predators once a month, and evidently our fly population will be nil. Which is very exciting, as Thoroughbreds in particular are thin-skinned and really, really hate insects.

I never thought I would be paying to get more bugs on the property. We live in a topsy-turvy world, I tell ya.

Fly Predators. The little bugs you love. Ew. But very cool. Ew.


Catherine said...

Mail order bugs. Who knew? I learn so much from you, KC :-)

Cynthia D said...

As one who witnesses the unhappiness created by the silly flies, and believe me, the flies make poor Siggy pout, I welcome anything that will keep the big guys and girl, smiling!

Will the new critters eat Yellow Jackets? Or Wasps? What about a Rattle Snake??

Sapphire said...

Ok, can I just be a total girl here for a moment and say "ew". With that out of the way, hope they decimate the flies.