Monday, May 3, 2010

Derby Day Results

Saturday was a fantastic day!

Derby Day was a riproaring success, and I am so glad to have such wonderful students and participants who made the very first event at TMF a memorable day. It was brutally hot, but the horses fared beautifully and got rinsed off with the hose a few times to make sure they were as comfortable as could be, and not overworked.

I, however, ended up with a glorious heat rash, but am all good now!

The ultimate prize in our races went to the very talented Arliss Paddock, who rode Siggy beautifully and impressed the pants off the rest of the field, who didn't even see it coming.
It seems to be genetic, because Madeleine, who happens to be the daughter of Arliss and husband Bruce, came in second.

All of our competitors went home with a special prize that was delivered just in time for Derby Day:
And of course, some photos of our other riders:

And last but not least, for a photo finish, is Aislinn, who has perfect timing with a camera.
(Please zoom in on the next photo, it cracks me up!)
I'm not actually fixing Aislinn's stirrup, no....I'm bowing to her insatiable prowess.

I've never had such fun on Derby Day. After eating a ton and watching the Derby, everyone went home with happy stomachs and ribbons to show to their families and friends. A good day was indeed, had by all! Tally Ho!


Aislinn said...

I can say without a shadow of a doubt that it was one of the best Derby Days that I've been to. No fancy hats for this chick. Nosireeeee. All I needed was a few glasses of Pinot Grigot, 10 lbs of KC's decadent chocolate cake, a delectable Guinness-marinated braised beef, compliments of Cynthia, some fresh fruit and veggies lovingly transported to TMF by the lovely Kim, and a side salad mixed with care by the winner.

I'd say the day was a Triple Crown Winner. Now, if I could only stop posing...

Catherine said...

Is sounds like Derby Day was a rousing success! Congrats to Arliss! And KC, from what I'm hearing, you and Matt put on a damn good party! Thanks for posting the pictures. So fun to see that fun was had by all.