Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dog Hogs

I'm afraid my friends Pete and Anissa are guilty of being Dog Hogs.

You know, because you can't have just one dog. That's not possible.

If you remember, Pete and Anissa adopted the cute little brown pup that they eventually did name Kona, which suits her perfectly and she seems to love having a cute name.

Here's a little bit of info about them: they adopt dogs other people won't. They have two older Pit Bulls, one who was used as a bait dog in a fighting ring, and they have loved these dogs so well, they are absolutely sweet and very well mannered. They adopted the other two as older dogs since they know puppies find homes more quickly.

But, the happy couple opened their hearts and homes even more, and welcomed another new little fluffball into the family - a little brother for Kona, if you will. (Video below!)

How cute is that little guy?

I need to get another photo of his eyes. He has grey eyes like me - very unusual for a dog. And his coat is so soft, I can't believe it. He's very chatty too - always mumbling or singing and generally letting you know he's there.
I'm very lucky that I get to seem them a few times a week and check in on them while Anissa and Pete are working. A chance to play with cute puppies? Um, yes please!

Names are also up for grabs on this little boy! Suggestions are welcome in the Comment section and will be sent on to Anissa and Pete!


Catherine said...

Cute, cute, cute! I don't know why, but I really like the name Pete for that little guy. Or Milo.

Catherine said...

I'm going senile...I just realized the reason I keep think of "Pete"...cuz it was Pete and Anissa who did the adopting - ha. Maybe he can be "Little Pete".

JayZ said...

What big hearts they have! Every time I see a dog up for adoption on our morning program, I have to stop myself from running down there and taking the dog home. I know we just don't have the room but I would love to save them all!

Cynthia D said...

Kona is such a special puppy, I have been lucky enough to give her hugs and I adore that puppy.

I'm thinking...what about Snow, for the new baby?

Peter said...

Thank you everyone for the kind words! We always said when we had the room we would save as many of this misunderstood breed as we could.

We're leaning towards a 'blue' theme for his name but have come up short so far.

Cannot thank KC enough for taking care of them while we are at work - knowing they are in such excellent hands is an immense relief.

Nicholas said...

THanks KC for the fun filmette. He is a darling puppy. I am partial to pits and pit mixes. How about Belly Bob or Bobber Blue. Either would give a baby range and the ability to grow into a more mature rendition of the name. We have a Hobie Kat and a Bella Bob. Bella is a Rhodesian/lab mix who people swear is Pit. But who has seen an 86 lbs. pit with no brains? Good luck and keep us posted on puppy's growth. How do I post under my name; Kristin. It posts under my sons name. help.