Thursday, May 27, 2010

Shoe Shopping

Oh, I wish the shoes I mention are for me.

I do love shoes.

Did you notice the title of this blog is "From Manolos to Muck Boots?"

I have a thing for shoes. Boots, sandals, designer or barn sloggers, I don't care, I can't get enough.

But this shoe day was not for me. Wah.

It was for our boy Siggy (co-loved by Cynthia), who threw a shoe 2 weekends ago and had horrible feet from his ordeals before he was rescued. In time, his hooves will grow to be strong, but for now, they're brittle, cracked, and need expert care.

He was very excited for Shoe Day.
(For you non-horsey folks, that's a fly mask - also horsey sunglasses. Keeps flies off their eyes and ears, horses love them!)

Meet Willie.
Well, the top of Willie's head, anyway.

Willie loves to talk hoof theory. This is a man's version of shoe shopping, that involves nails, hammers, and in some cases, an anvil and fire!
Willie's talking about the physics of a horse's foot and how it syncopates with our bone structure.

Actually, I think he was talking about the wild party he went to that weekend and...well, I can't tell you the rest. Farrier/ client discretion, and all that.

Siggy, since he has such poor feet at the moment, didn't have a lot of hoof to nail a shoe to (which, by the way, doesn't hurt a horse at all) we had to do something different. Enter the Equicast - a wrap much like casts made for humans, but stronger to withstand the beating a horse gives it.
Fancy, right? It's still rock solid and Siggy will be in great shape in no time.

But while a horse is being shod, you have to keep them entertained, like a toddler at the doctor. Otherwise they get into trouble. Siggy is no exception.
If you zoom in on that picture, you can actually see that Siggy has decided Matt's fleece pullover is very delectable and good for some mastication.

Matt then tries to offer him the leadrope, "Here, eat this, not me."
Siggy takes the bait for a moment, but it's fleeting.
After this, he decided Willie's water bucket looked really fun!
Say it with me now. This doesn't look good.
Splash! The water went entirely downhill on the driveway, which is right where Willie was working....

Sorry Willie. I'll bet those clothes dried off in no time!


Catherine said...

KC, cool blog today. Great pictures. I never knew any of this stuff about horses. I'm particularly impressed with the Equicast. I'm also so impressed with how you (and Cynthia) co-love this horse. He is super lucky to have you both. And it seems he has waited a while to get all this love. Cheers to all.

Cynthia D said...

Thanks for taking pics of Siggy shoe shopping! You are so right...I do love this horse!