Friday, June 4, 2010

Daisy Dukes

No, not my shorts. Although I wore some pretty short shorts today.

Well, can you blame me? It's a zillion degrees out, I'm working with big animals in the sun, and my legs are practically radioactive, they're so white. They totally won't match the upper half of my body if I ever decide to bare my legs in a dress this summer.

Anyway, this post is not about my legs.

It's about these beauties!
What surprises me to no end, is where they grew.

Here's a hint:
"They only grow in darkness and dank, but sweetness, how they blossom." Vida Boheme, To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar

(One of the best films ever made, in my opinion...)

They grew in my manure pile!


I know!

Can you believe it?

Those beautiful flowers grew, totally by themselves, out know.

It just goes to show you how beautiful things find a way into the world on their own.

So I cut a bunch of them and they're now taking up space on my kitchen windowsill.

What a way to appreciate even the less savory parts of farm life. Definitely a side benefit.

Happy weekend, everyone!


KatieVDesigns said...

What a pretty little surprise Kace!

And I am totally in the same boat with those radio active legs :)

Arliss said...

I really love this post. I agree -- what pretty surprises! And I love what you wrote about them. Indeed, how neat to see how beautiful things find their way into the world. : )

lizzieblue said...

Poop flowers! I love it!