Saturday, June 5, 2010


These guys live in our mud paddock lately.
(Stock photo - they won't sit still long enough for me to catch a picture.)

Every day, there are at least 20 full grown dragonflies constantly buzzing around our mud paddock. They're curious about me - they'll buzz around me but not bother me or land, and they don't show any concern for the horses.

One of my students told me that dragonflies symbolize good fortune, in which case, we'll take them!

I was curious about why they're spending so much time with us, close to the barn (but not in the barn, thankfully). After a little research, I discovered this:

The adult dragonfly uses the basket formed by its legs to catch insects while flying. The adult dragonfly likes to eat gnats, mayflies, flies, mosquitoes and other small flying insects.

Just based on that.....I love those guys. And they must have a feast with the flies and other bugs that are in our area.

Here's a little more on what they symbolize, which is fantastic:

There are many different representations of the dragonfly; it all comes down to which culture you happen to be in. For instance, if you are in Japan, the dragonfly symbolizes a new light and joy. Some animal symbolism has the dragonfly representing good luck, prosperity, swiftness, purity, harmony and strength. Some Native Americans believe dragonflies are the souls of the dead. There are also many cultures that believe that the meaning of a dragonfly is happiness, courage and subconscious thoughts. It is also believed that if you see two dragonflies paired together that they represent love and maturity.

Now that's one bug we can all take a lesson from.

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JayZ said...

You know I love dragonflies but reading that description, I love them even more :-) I think it's a very good sign so many are hanging around your property!