Friday, June 18, 2010

Getting Off Track

To everyone who commented and sent their thoughts and best wishes to Topaz and I, thank you! I'm very happy to report that she is back to normal. We're still waiting for the final results of her second blood test, but I presume it will only be positive, based on her attitude! Our Diva is back.

I also have something else very important to share. Last week, I was contacted by a wonderful writer, who has a journalism blog that focuses on Off the Track Thoroughbreds. Susan Salk is a beautiful writer, a journalist who has a way with words and weaves our story beautifully and accurately - no small feat for someone not working with fiction.

Susan is one of those people who, as we say, "fight the good fight," in bringing awareness to the general public about horses whose careers end at the track...what happens then? Where do they go?

I think the nicest part about her blog is that she proves that Thoroughbreds are not the hot, spooky, high strung horses many people assume they are. They are prime athletes, companions, teachers and giant best friends.

I consider it an honor to have our very own Zeus featured on her blog. Want to see it? Please do!

Click right here to see the blog entry, and also, please leave a comment and let her know you enjoyed it! Giving Thoroughbreds a second chance at life and a new career is an ongoing struggle, and people like Susan, who give so much of her time and talent, deserve to be recognized. Even better, sign up to get her posts in your email inbox to stay in the loop.

I have to apologize for the myriad of super serious posts....I have a stockpile of funny photos coming up! Even in tough times, our animals are constantly making us laugh. Stay tuned!

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What a wonderful introduction to my blog. Thank you!