Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Photogenic Ponies

I have lots of blog entries ready to go, but the photos I took this morning have to be shared!

I can't wait a moment longer!

After the storms we had last night, there was a lovely misty fog hanging on to the ground this morning. Always seeing a chance for some good photos, I went out with my camera this morning when I went to feed.

I was not disappointed.
The one bummer was, the horses tend to head to the grass around the previous owner's old manure pile, which we are maniacally trying to disintegrate, as it can be seen from Google Earth images, and who wants a pile of poo you can see from space? Ours is in a much better place, instead of hanging around the middle of the field.

Anyway. Enough of Space Poo.

I ran out to the field ahead of the horses, so I'd get their grand entrance. It was quite comical - me in my wellies and pajamas, running like a banshee with a camera to be ahead of the Pony Parade.
Topaz was first out of the gate, with Siggy close behind! I don't know why she doesn't just let them go first, they inevitably push her to run more, but I think she'd rather keel over than know someone got to the morning grass before she did!

I feel that way about a cheese buffet sometimes.
Zoomin' Zeus was taking an easy stroll, because if he really let it rip, he'd pass everyone in about 2 strides.

A happy tangle of horses.

But then, Zeus decided he wasn't done playing yet.
He's noodling Siggy along...."Come on, it's nice and cool now, let's run around and be idiots all over the field!"

If you blow up the pic, Siggy is none too thrilled, as he actually has a grimace on his face.
Zeus is a persistent 5 year old, though....

And here's the end result.


Arliss said...

Aww, such great pics! The top pic of Topaz is absolutely beautiful. And I LOVE the video! They're all having so much fun, and it's such a lovely scene of a lovely morning. Zeus is hilarious, trying to stir up trouble. And Topaz giving him a piece of her hindquarters! You have such a great little herd. : )

Cynthia D said...

That photo of Topaz is beautiful. And why does she insist on running out first, you ask? Because the girl still got game!

As for the 2 boys, isn't just like watching the boys on the playground? One boy needs more attention, (Zeus) and the other boy just wants to snack,(Siggy).

Now, if either of the boys show up at the playground wearing gang colors...

Ann said...

Obviously Zeus is part Sheltie. He's clearly trying to herd his little group! Lots of luck, Big Boy ....