Thursday, June 3, 2010

Vultures Circling

We aren't strangers to the wonders of wildlife at TMF.

Take this guy, for example.
This bird (though it looks more like a pterodactyl to me!) is a turkey vulture. I actually think it's a female, as females are generally larger, or at least, that's what Wikipedia says. They eat dead animals. Perhaps they had some interest in some guests I had not too long ago, which is why they're sticking around! What amazes me, is they hunt based on their keen sense of smell. Those eagle eyes don't hurt either.

Anyway, Gertrude as we'll call her (because how can you not?), was perched on one of the trees in our front yard. I ushered Mojo in, who was gallivanting around the yard, but then remembered they eat dead things, not living things. But this bird was quite wary of me, and vice versa.

I eventually crept forward to get a better photo, and Gertie decided to take her leave...
Off to find something more interesting to eat.

We were just too lively for her liking, I guess.


Arliss said...

Wow! Neat wildlife post, KC! (Which reminds me: Are Mr. and Mrs. Mallard still around?)

My sister Lauren, who lives on the river in North Florida, recently had a somewhat harrowing vulture encounter of sorts -- well, it wasn't the fault of the vultures, they were doing what vultures do, but poor Lauren woke up one morning to look out her back window and see turkey vultures everywhere, dozens of them -- sitting on the grass near the riverbank, sitting on cypress branches overhanging the river. Her dogs were going nuts. So she wanders out, fearing what she might see that's brought all the harbingers of death, and she looks into the shallow water near their dock and sees a floating corpse ... a very large corpse ... of (thank-goodness-not-a-human) a manatee! About 10 feet long, and very stinky. The poor manatee, but sort of a big problem to deal with! So eventually some Fish and Wildlife Service people came out with a winch and took the poor thing away. Anyway: Vultures! They do an important job, bless their hearts!

Aislinn said...

Oh, Arliss, a manatee! The poor thing. I love manatees - they're such a beautiful animal.