Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Summer is our busiest time of year. It's full of summer vacations, an influx of new TMF students, and our own personal life events. What? We have a life?

Well, we do. Sort of. Most of it revolves around horses, but I do go out. Occasionally. I swear!

Anyway, even though things have been very frenetic, we still seem to cram in some time to lounge around and enjoy the slow pace of farm life.
You will notice that by "we," I mean the four - footed members of our family.
It is just exhausting, eating grass and lolling about all day. Can you imagine?
That's Zeus on the left, and Siggy on the right. Topaz, being the smart little girl she is, was busy mowing the grass by herself, without these two troublemakers bothering her.
You know how boys are....they need their naptime. These boys are no different.

Maybe one of these days, I'll bring a beach chair out and join them, with a pina colada in hand, of course. I bet Zeus will want some of it. However, Topaz is the only one who is allowed to drink, since she's over 21.


Catherine said...

In my next life I wanna be one of your horses :-)

Aislinn said...

Me too, Cat.