Monday, July 19, 2010

Get Hitched

No, not to a wagon!

My family and I were up in VT this weekend, at Okemo Mountain, where my brother got married to a lovely gal by the name of Kristin. It was a chaotic weekend, but one filled with good tidings, champagne, and glittery shoes. Instead of blabbering on about it, I'll just show you!
Our great family friend, Father Bob, Dad, my niece Emily, and Mom
The happy family at the rehearsal dinner
The hardest part of my day....don't trip!
The Getaway
Let the party begin....
Matt and I loving the view
What makes me happiest
Mom and Son Dance

That's all I've got! I was a little busy tending to the bride and groom, watching Emily, and letting the pro photographer do his job. Oh, and keeping my dress up. Safety pins and duct tape were involved.

Vermont is for lovers....and we got to experience it firsthand. Congrats to Jay and Kristin! xox


Catherine said...

Beautiful wedding photos! Your niece is sure a cutie. I loved your shoes! And I love the pic of you looking up at Matt. You guys are so fab. And congrats to the bride and groom!

Aislinn said...

Beautiful bride, handsome groom, adorable Emily, lovely family.

I too love that photo of you looking up at Matt. Such love in your eyes, KC. You are the envy of all the girls, you are.

Loved your dress - and those shoes! Yowza!