Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Handsome Ransom

We have a new horse here!

He has feet the size of dinner plates and his head is roughly the size of my torso. He's broken through 2 stall ties and has a mane most women would envy.

His name is Ransom.
He is a 9 year old Friesian/ Quarter Horse cross, and despite his size, he's a big mush. He's owned by Meaghan, a sweet young lady headed off to college in the fall, and the only people she trusted to take good care of her first love was us. Isn't that nice? (Video below!) You can actually hear Topaz flirting with him...she loves those younger men!

He fits right in to the herd, although it's hard for him to keep up with the speedy Thoroughbreds. And you can always tell when he's running, because you can hear him clomping and galumphing (is that a word?) from miles away!

But he is a handsome boy, our Ransom.


Aislinn said...

KC, Ransom is such a handsome boy. I think he may need a session with Frederic Fekkai, but I do love the natural look he's sporting.

He really is a big boy, isn't he. The dwarf carrots won't cut it with Ransom. I hope the watermelons start sprouting.

Catherine said...

What a beauty!! Love the video. So great to hear the clip-clop-clump and his naying (sp?).