Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Horse of a Different Color

(Hint: Play video song above for full effect!)

Yesterday was a special, special day. It was a hot day - a really hot day - but that didn't diminish the joy and love in the air.

A very special friend of mine got married to a wonderful guy yesterday. The ceremony and reception were both in New Haven CT, and the reception was at Carousel Point Park, right on the water and with a genuine antique carousel from 1916 that was available just to the guests of the reception.
Anyway, Lisa is remarkable to me because she has an unwavering Faith that carries her all over the world, helping others see how great a life with God can be. She met Peter during her travels, and he shares the same drive and ambition to serve God by helping others.

Isn't that cool?

Before Lisa left for her first overseas assignment approximately 6 years ago, she insisted on seeing me before she left, and she only had about 10 minutes of time to give. We met in NYC, and she stuck something in my bag and said, "God told me you needed this." We said goodbye, and she left.

What was it, you ask? It was a CD - of a musician called Jeremy Camp. That's his song, above. That CD changed my life. It was guidance I needed at the time without being stifling, almost like it was offered to me and it was my choice to take the advice given, or not. Matt is now a fan of Jeremy Camp also, and one of his songs ("Trust in You," above) is featured on our wedding video.

Matt and I were delighted to be a part of their wedding day...and here are some photos and video!

Yeah, I couldn't help myself.
Neither could Matt. (video)

Look at the love between these two. It's just so tangible.
A random pirate ship...ahoy matey!

Wedding Crashers
Look who made it on the carousel! Our girl is famous!
It's no Leaning Tower of Pisa, but we made the most of it...
The elated Bride and Groom!

And, I have to show you just how cool these two are. Check out their first dance!


Cynthia D said...

Wow, talk about a carousel of emotions! Reading about Lisa taking the time to slip you the CD has tears sneaking from eyes.

Then to watch that cute, cute couple with their first dance!

So sweet.

Catherine said...

What an awesome couple! LOVED that first dance. Isn't it great when the special people in your life have so much joy. You look sweet on you "pony" and Matt is such a doll. Lovely day!

Aislinn said...

KC, they're a beautiful couple, cleary inside and out. I like the Jeremy Camp song. Beautiful story to go with it. The music and lyrics are uplifting, and yep, I'm singing along right now. I will not be afraid, even when Topaz is having a really bad day.