Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Message in a Bottle

It's really hot here. I'm sure that's not news to anyone. Doesn't it annoy you when someone says, "Is it hot enough for you?" Ya think?

When I'm mucking, teaching lessons, or riding, staying hydrated is really important. Our horses, of course, have unlimited access to fresh, cool water at all times, and I like to follow suit. So I usually have a bottle of water stashed in one of the stalls in the barn.


Well, that used to be round. I loved this water bottle! It has our logo, it keeps the water cold, and it's big enough that I can share a little water with Zeus, who seems to like to eat or drink whatever I have.

However, I don't think this was Zeus' doing.
I think this is the handiwork of Siggy. Don't you love how he's autographed this water bottle, in the shape of his jaws?

The bottle actually traveled from the barn stall and was found in the grass by our riding arena. So not only was it a great toy, but it's perfect for travel!
Would anyone like a truly one of a kind, authentic, autographed TMF water bottle? Siggy swears he took really good care of it.


Arliss said...

That's hilarious! Wow, I can just see the folks in the CSI: Horsing Around lab trying to identify which equine did the deed ... then, after careful and very scientific scrutiny, identifying Siggy's dental imprint -- Aha! And I just love that Siggy (or one of them, but I bet it was him) carried it around!

If no one else calls it, we'd be happy to give this valuable artifact and conversation piece a good home. However, you should keep it as a horse-approved trophy for a future TMF Derby Day!

Hope all is well there and that you're all keeping cool and hydrated, despite the rampant water-bottle destruction. Hoping to see pics of Ransom sometime soon, too!

Catherine said...

I don't know how you guys are dealing with that awful heat. If it hits 73 degrees here, I need to put ice on my neck! Definitely stay hydrated and take care. And I'm with Arliss about hoping to see more pics. Stay cool.