Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Size Matters!

My veggie garden is a mess.

A big mess. Weeds everywhere. I get out there with all the intent I can muster to weed, and then I see what looks like a jungle within the wire fencing, and my eyes glaze over.

Next year: mulch. Or those black tarpy things. I've learned that weeding once will not save you from weeding every darn day until you're pushing up weeds yourself.

However, I've managed to reap some rewards! Let's have a look, shall we?
Ah, blueberries, my favorite! Beautiful!
And some healthy, crisp green beans to go with them!

I've also been picking tomatoes daily, have one little zucchini growing, and my watermelon vines are...still vining, I guess. I'm waiting to see something resembling a watermelon starting on those. Oh, and I have corn growing too! I know, it's just 19 cents at the grocery store for corn, but I just wanted to see if I could do it. So far, so good.


I also have a few veggies that belong in the Coney Island Side Show, and I wanted to share them with you.

My carrots have huge, green leafy tops. They're beautiful. When do you pull them out? I saw an orange top (finally!), got all excited, pulled on it and....
Hmm. That wasn't exactly the payoff I was hoping for.
Ah yes, the miniature carrot. It's cute, isn't it? Zeus thought it was tasty, and I guess that's all that matters. But I think I pulled it out too soon. Shucks.

But then, this morning, I happened to be scoping out my green bean bushes, and came across this.
That, folks, is the world's largest green bean. The one next to it is a normal size.
Even Hoops and Yoyo don't know what to do about that. Can't you feel their bewilderment?

So, there you have it....the Garden Update in a nutshell. Or in a really odd looking mini carrot.


Cynthia D said...

I too have learned something about gardening this summer.

No matter how huge one's desire to garden is, the actual work will always be larger.

Ann said...

Love the carrot! So where are my blueberries?! I'm jealous...my tomatoes are still green!

It must be a family trait...our most successful crop is always weeds!

Catherine said...

I pruned and weeded this weekend and have been praying to be put in traction ever since.

Suz said...

Yup, I weed my garden just about every.single.day. Never ending job! What gets me by is just to pick a little spot to do at a time, the whole thing is just too overwhelming!

Yummm, blueberries. Those look so good! You're doing a great job, aren't fresh green beans the best? :)