Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Big Day

I'm 30 today!


Catherine said...

Happy Birthday to you, (perfectly on pitch)
Happy Birthday to you, (veering a little flat)
Happy Birrrtthhhddaaay (singing from the diaphram now, baby) dear KC, (with feeling)
Happy Birthday to you.

And many more...

Aislinn said...

Happy 30th, KC! and many, many more.

AARP won't be calling for a while, but get ready. They're vultures.

Cynthia D said...

Happy Birthday (again)
Can't wait to party down! (I'm too old to be saying that)
(I'm at that awkward age, too old to be hip and cool, too young for AARP and Seniors discounts)
What the hell...have a great week!
Love you!!

Catherine said...

Cyn and Ais, you girls crack me up :-)

Sapphire said...

Say helloooooo to the dirty thirties. I hope your birthday is a blast. Wish I could be there, le sigh. xoxo