Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Bridgewater Fair, 2010

Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny day. Matt and I decided to make the most of it, so we headed down to Southbury to visit my parents, and smack between our house and theirs is one of my favorite events of the year - the Bridgewater Country Fair.

Visions of pig races, border collie demonstrations and antique tractor pulls filled my head. It was Matt's first real "country" fair - and there really is nothing like it.

My favorite part was, of course, the animals. But you wouldn't be surprised by that at all, would you?

I can't remember the elephant's name to save my life, I think it was Callie though. Anyway, we learned a little bit about her, and loved the fact that the handlers fed her marshmallows to keep her happy. She would poke them with her trunk as if to say, "Hey, toss me another one please!"

I know a few people that wouldn't mind just being tossed a few marshmallows.
Then there was a camel, who didn't seem impressed in the least that we were interested in meeting him.
The goats and sheep, however, if you had food - you were their best friend.
Once we left the more exotic animals, we headed over past the antique tractor pull. These tractors are the pride and joy of the farmers who own them, and they use giant concrete blocks to determine the winner - who can pull the most with their set of (very large) wheels.
Next up was the Pony Pull, which Matt was most interested in. These ponies live to pull stuff - they get all amped up, prancing their way to the concrete blocks they pull. These little guys are small but mighty! Here's the winning team, pulling, I believe around 5,000 pounds.
But most of all, I think what struck me is the fact that things from the past - animals, old tractors, and sentiments of a bygone era - were things that drew the community together, as it does year after year.

This photo, I think really represents how times have not changed.
A boy and his cow, resting after a busy show day. Total contentment amidst the hustle and bustle of the fair.

I also have to admit something: I love sheep. I couldn't help but come home with a flock of my own.
Yes, life size sheep! Aren't they marvelous? You should have seen us trying to squeeze these suckers into the Altima.

Just kidding!


lizzieblue said...

We went too! Alen and Sander's very first "guajiro" (farmer) experience. And they loved it! They both rode the elephant! haha! They also ate pulled pork sitting on the ground, tried salt water taffy, and went on the bumper cars :)

Catherine said...

What a great day at the fair! Thanks for sharing the pictures. Oh, and I love your new sheep!