Friday, August 27, 2010

Cookie Monster

One of my favorite things about Fall coming our way is baking. This summer, it's been so hot I don't even want to bother turning on my oven. What for? Matt has spent a good part of this summer grilling - special shout out to my Mom and Dad for giving us their old grill! Because of that, I haven't had to roast myself in the kitchen.

One of our favorite recipes are molasses oatmeal cookies. They are sweet, moist and just absolutely delish. I usually have one or two with my morning coffee....why not? There's oatmeal in it, and that counts for a breakfast item.

Matt loves these cookies. I mean, lives for these cookies. He noticed them disappearing a little faster than normal. First he looked at my backside to see if they had taken up residence there, and then he looked at me quizzically, wondering where his beloved cookies were going.


I have found another male who loves them just as much as Matt.

Yes, Zeus absolutely smiles with delight over his mom's homemade cookies! I should have these on hand at his first show in a few weeks.

Just in case you thought that was a one time thing....oh no. Zeus really loves these cookies.

Take 2:

That tongue and that smile. I love it. I love it so much I put a video on here and I don't have a lick of makeup on.


Aislinn said...

OMG. So adorable!

Catherine said...

I love videos of you and Zeus! So. Darn. Sweet. The end.