Friday, August 20, 2010


I bet I have a better looking lawn mower than you do.

Wanna bet?
It has been so dry this summer. Absolutely no rain equals no grass growing, which equates to unhappy horses with no grass in their field to graze on.

But I had a solution! And (music to Matt's ears), it was free!

The horses have occasionally been grazing on our lawn, just to get some decent grass intake, have a change of scenery, and as a side bonus, the lawn didn't need much mowing this summer.

One day, Matt decided to partake in the fun.
But, he didn't like the bugs and gnats buzzing around. Yet another solution, his beekeeper hat! Yes, folks, he really has one. It's from a Halloween costume, but it is a genuine beekeeper hat. And as you can see, he and Zeus are styling.
Zeus didn't get the chance to free graze. Well, he did, but he lost his freedom privileges in about 2 minutes, when he tried to explore a little too much. Yes, I think we have an Eventer on our hands, he is willing to walk up to or through anything just due to mere curiosity!

Even Mojo joined in on the fun. Heaven forbid he miss out on a family picnic.
Dining Al Fresco is where it's at!

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Catherine said...

Such a happy farm family :-)