Friday, August 20, 2010

Thumbs Up

I have to apologize for being absent so much this summer. I do wonder if that will be the norm every summer, with things getting so crazy that I need to schedule in time on my planner to get to blogging. I like blogging, I love writing, so why is it so hard to get an entry out?

I think I must do A Day In The Life one day, in pictures, so you can have a daily account of what a day here is like. Then you'll all be running to your wine cellars, I think. Either that or your pillow, because it's exhausting!

I am going to make a concerted effort to get on here more often again. Although I just accepted a new gig (more on that later), so my time is even tougher to come by - or will be! But that's ok.

Just as a little welcome back present, I give you....Whimsy on video.

Whimsy has an extra toe on her right front paw - it's part of her charm. She was also abandoned at about 3 days old, when I took care of her and became her "mother." When I lay down, she reverts back to her kittenhood and decides to - you guessed it (or maybe you didn't!) - suck her "thumb." Yes, she nurses on her extra toe, just like a little child sucks on their thumb.

I apologize for the lighting on the video, but what I find hilarious is the sound you hear at 20 seconds - the "thunk!" Whims is so enraptured by her thumb, me being on the bed with her, life is so good, that she has to rub on me, only she clocks the camera with her head. You can also hear her actually nursing which is always occurring whenever I'm on the phone as well - for whatever reason, she loves to nurse next to me when I'm on the phone. Weird kitty.

You can also hear her purring like a maniac the whole time if you turn your volume up. I keep I'm going to post this. Enjoy!


Catherine said...

Yay, a cat video! Whimsy is so sweet. You know, my cat Ziva does that same thing, but I never knew why. Now I get it.

I would love to read "A Day in the Life of KC." It will put me to shame. I can barely clean the litter boxes in a timely manner much less muck a stall, etc.

KC said...

Cat, I hereby promise to have more kitty vids, just for you! Ziva does it too? That's awesome! And here I was, thinking Whims was so original....! Or else she and Ziva are from the same litter...!