Sunday, September 12, 2010

Meet Chief

I've now been working with Chief at Akindale Thoroughbred Rescue for two weeks, and he is just growing by leaps and bounds. As I said in a previous post, my ability to have and use a camera while I'm working with them is very limited - because I have to remain focused on them. However, Akindale is on our way to the grocery store (because everything is 20 minutes away here - there is no "dashing" to the corner market for milk or eggs anymore). And since Akindale was (kind of) on our way to the supermarket, I convinced Matt to make a detour so he could meet the horses I'm working with.
First off, just so you can get an idea how vast Akindale is...if you look in this photo, see the tiny grey building? Yeah. That's a 12 stall barn, where I work out of. And where I'm standing when I took this photo is also part of Akindale.
Here are a bunch of happy horses lounging in their 50+ acre field.
I could get used to having that view, couldn't you?

Without further ado, I give you....Chief (Video)!

Yeah, it was windy. And I kept telling him to go play with his friends. But he was having too much fun canoodling with me.
Here he is, still canoodling, but since Matt was there he was able to take the camera. As you can see, Chief is a little guy, but he has a big personality! As we walked away (I use that term loosely - Chief followed us all the way to the fence), Matt simply said, "Pack him up in the trailer, I have a feeling he'll be coming to live with us...."

I love that man.

Chief has been so blase about everything I've asked him to do so far, that I think he'll get a saddle on him this week, and I may even sit on him for the first time. Remember, Chief has never been ridden before, so it's a very big moment. Somehow, I think he's going to take it in stride.

As I left the other day, I took another video, just showing once again how Akindale is the best rescue farm I've ever seen. The space, the grass and the care of these horses is just unparalleled. The fencing you see on the right, all that land - that is Chief's field that he shares with about 20 other horses - and they are so happy.

Don't mind that beeping in the car - I didn't have my seatbelt on since I was just going down the road to another part of the farm at 20 miles an hour! To do what, you ask?

To see these two.
These are the two newest additions, both Thoroughbreds pulled from the Kill Pen at Camelot Auction in NJ. They are in quarantine now so I couldn't touch them, in case they carry an illness that can be passed to another horse. But I was able to say hello, talk to them for a moment and snap a pic of these two beautiful - and lucky - creatures.


Arliss said...

Kace, it's so great to be catching up on your blog! I am so, so happy about what you're doing now at Akindale -- happy for both you and the lucky horses you're working with. I can imagine, it must be incredibly rewarding to with some of these horses who come from such unfortunate circumstances and to see their improvement bit by bit. And Chief is adorable! (I know I'm jumping WAY ahead, but I'm fantasizing about a certain little blond girl winning ribbons with him at horse shows ...) ;)

The photo of the two Camelot rescues at the end almost brings tears to my eyes. How wonderful it is to see these guys in such a beautiful, heavenly place now, after being in that hellish one. So much beauty in that pic. :)

Catherine said...

KC, Akindale is HUGE...and beautiful. I am so happy for the horses who make it there to that peaceful place where people care about them. And Chief is so handsome. I love his chocolate brown color. I'm with Matt, he should move in with you. That last picture just made me gasp. How could those two beautiful creatured have ended up at a kill pen. Shocking to me. I'm so beyond happy they were rescued. There is literally a lump in my throat right now for them.