Monday, September 27, 2010

Pleasant Signal, Under Pressure

I've been remiss in not posting about Siggy's triumph at the show last weekend! Alas, it's been a busy week, as we're preparing for the arrival of the famous DiCos. Yes, my in-laws are coming to town and staying for a week. That means a week of raucous fun, lots of good food, and copious amounts of wine.

So that means I have to clean the house.


But it's worth it.

Anyway, Pleasant Signal, lovingly known as Siggy, handled his first show with ease and his own Siggy (Signature?) style aplomb. While excited upon his arrival, he immediately calmed down at the hands of the ever capable Arliss, and he enjoyed a very leisurely morning munching on grass and cheering on his little brother Zeus. Siggy was also an incredible calming influence for Zeus, who seemed to rely on Sig's calm demeanor. Siggy really set an example for Zeus as to how to behave in public.

Later rather than sooner, it was show time! Siggy was entered into the Pleasure classes, in which the judge basically picked the horse that looked the most pleasurable to ride. I think some of the horses in our class were ridden all. Day. Long. So they were half dead, but evidently a pleasure to ride nonetheless. Maybe because all of the equitation classes prior had worn all the spunk out of them.
Siggy had tons of spunk left, and showed it in classic Siggy style - by eating the jump decorations. Yes, folks, there were some corn stalks bordering one jump, and Siggy took notice. I thought he was a little afraid of them, he thought he spotted an appetizer. We ended up traipsing around half the ring, me with an embarrassed flush on my cheeks, and Siggy with half the corn stalk hanging out of his mouth, without a care in the world. He spotted the ferns at another jump and thought the salad bar was open. I steered clear of that.

Luckily, we weren't being judged yet.
When we were being judged, Siggy turned on the charm for the judge, and earned himself a fantastic second place in his very first class! There was a roar from the crowd, as he was the only "rescue" horse in the class - a very cool moment indeed. However, Siggy let it go to his head, and he decided to do Aers Above the Ground in his last two classes - leaps of joy, just for the fun of it. Sadly, we lost some points for that, but it didn't diminish his beautiful red second place ribbon.
There he is, basking in the glow of victory, with half lease "Mom" Arliss glowing with pride. The next time Sig heads out to compete, it will be with Arliss. He's proven himself to be a gentleman, and a talented one at that!

A special thank you goes out to Arliss, who not only sponsored Siggy's classes, but handled him the entire time I had to spend with Zeus. She patiently grazed him for hours, keeping him company and making sure he was happy. And it was so clear to everyone there that he has no idea he's a rescue. He is a fancy show horse now.

And as long as the jumps aren't edible, he'll be a winning show horse!


Aislinn said...

Wow, KC. Such a great story.

I love that boy.

Catherine said...

Siggy is definitely a winner. Kudos to KC and Arliss!