Friday, October 29, 2010

A Bank You Can Trust

Give me all your money!

You can trust in the International Bank of Me. (IBM?)

No. Bank Me for short.

See below for details and transaction history.
Bank Me is a cute little Thoroughbred at Akindale. He is a project for me, at least for this week.

Erin and I are embarking on a hunter pace next weekend off Akindale/ local land, the Woodbury FFA Hunter Pace. I went to Nonnewaug High School, home of the Woodbury FFA and the Agri-Science program I went there for, majoring in Veterinary Science. It was an incredible four years for me, full of friendships, incredible teachers, and where else could I bring my horse to school to use as an English demonstration?

Today was my first time hanging out with and riding Bank Me. Shall I call him Banky for short? Binky? Blinky? Banky Buns?

He was one of about 20 horses that made the massive trip from a slaughterhouse to Akindale's fields a few years ago, and it wasn't until this year that he developed a relationship and bonded with Erin, and she decided to see what he was made of.

He's made out of holy cuteness, that's what!
Seriously, while a bit nervous under saddle, he moves more like a Quarter Horse than a Thoroughbred - he's a stocky 15.1 hands, with a trot that floats along in short little steps, arching his neck and asking for more communication with you via the bit and reins. He's not terribly confident in himself but he is very eager to please, throwing in a few joyful leaps and snorts at leaves whooshing by in the gusty afternoon.

I'm looking forward to seeing what next week brings with his rides, and a "dress rehearsal" Erin and I are planning for our pace competitors - we'll load them up into the trailer, take them somewhere else on Akindale property, and ride a "practice pace." That way, they get to see unfamiliar terrain, ride in the trailer, and then come back to their own barn. Also, we'll know what we're dealing with in terms of the mentalities of the horses based on this practice run.

Once we were done with our "getting to know you" ride, he discovered that I have carrots. Lots of 'em. And he was going to make cute faces in order to get them.

I suppose he's the International Bank of Carrots now...!