Monday, October 11, 2010

Cakes and Pies

Sometimes I can't help but blog about food, because I seem to be surrounded by calories.

Like cheese, wine, cakes, and pies.

Last Thursday evening, we had Matt's parents in residence, and we invited our neighbors, Peg and Paul over for a small dinner party. When Peg and Paul arrived, they brought a lovely bottle of wine with them, and a white bakery box. As a welcome to the neighborhood, they decided they had to introduce us to the nearby American Pie Company, located in Sherman CT.

They brought a raspberry peach pie, freshly baked and just waiting to be enjoyed.

I can easily say that this was, hands down, the best pie I'd ever had in my life.

Where do I start? The crust! It was light, flaky, and dusted with some sugar. The fruit was as fresh and plump as if it were just harvested that day. Even Matt, who says he's not a "pie guy" absolutely inhaled his slice of pie and unbeknownst to me, has been pilfering the leftover pie slowly but surely.

Peg and Paul - they're good people. They are good pie people.

If you're local, go to this lovely little bakery, just 10 minutes from TMF. If you're not local but you come to our area, go to this lovely little bakery. You won't be sorry.

Well, I'm sorry. I'm sorry there's no pie left at our house.

Nom nom nom.

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