Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Flurry Comes Home

Remember #82 from the Camelot auction this past Saturday?

She's home.
She came home to Akindale this evening. I had a lesson to teach but came over as soon as I could, with Matt in tow, to meet this new little wonder.

The moment I walked into the field, she marched across it and right up to me to say hello. Karen, another Akindale colleague, was there and said, "She knows who saved her." She looked me straight in the eye and gave me a warm hello.

I can honestly tell you, it was such a cool moment.

Then came the ceremonial removal of the Kill Pen tag on her rump. Taking off that number was like taking off years of possible mistreatment, confusion, and whatever else she endured...and a venture into a new, loving life.
Once that was done, I did a quick check all over to make sure she didn't have any major injuries, and as I thought from the photos taken at Camelot, her legs are very clean and in great shape.

She took in her surroundings quietly and with grace - and when she did move to check out another spot in her field, her movements were fluid and easy, even after a few hard days at the auction house and a long trip in a trailer.
Once I really got a good look at her up close and was able to watch her name in particular struck me. Flurry.
She has a smattering of white fur on her face, forming a very faint star - almost like a flurry of snow. She's dainty but has conviction in her movements. Flurry seemed like such a perfect name for her!
I felt like it was Christmas morning....can you tell? Seeing her in person, knowing my gut instinct was right and paid off....awesome.
Happiness is. Happiness is Flurry.
Special thanks of course, has to go out to Karen Leigh Jones who helped Flurry and her co-traveler from Camelot get set up and settled in their field with plenty of fresh hay, water and food - they were in good hands. :)


Catherine said...

Kace, Flurry is a perfect name. She is just beautiful. Bless your heart for saving her. It's so moving to see these pictures of her and you. Thanks for sharing. - Cat

Aislinn said...

KC, She's a flurry of love. There's a place in Heaven for you, KC. Of that I am sure.

I love reading these stories. Flurry will love you forever.